2018-10-31 (9)

  1. SEASON 1:
    1. Can’t beat a Series premiere.
    2. Paid homage to one of Sherlock’s most notable enemies Moriarty
    3. Paid homage to one of Sherlock’s most notable lovers Irene Adler2018-10-31 (11)
  2. SEASON 6:
    1. Season 1 was great because although he was sure that he would never use drugs again Sherlock had a new battle to fight and through great acting (Johnny Lee Miller), the season gave us a sense of waiting for the shoe to drop leading to the episode that begins with the head.
    2. The antagonist this season came into the scene with a dramatic irony for the first time, we as the audience knew something that Sherlock and Joan didn’t and that was the first time that happened. It didn’t last long but the twist and ending of the season were unexpected and gave us a new location to look forward to for next season.2018-10-31 (6)
  3. SEASON 5:
    1. This season focused a lot on Joan helping someone that was doing a recovery of their own, Shinwell (RIP Nelsan Ellis), it brought up questions in the viewers about what everyone ‘deserves’ and what makes one ‘worthy’ of help.
    2. Without Joan’s constant focus on him though, Sherlock’s health spirals and we are left concerned with his wellbeing.2018-10-31 (3)
  4. SEASON 3:
    1. With the introduction of Kitty, as a viewer, you could feel like a new form of a family was being formed.
    2. One could not expect them to make Kitty’s storyline the finale of the season because it would be expected but that being said the resolution of that storyline was well done.
    3. The finale of this season just left more to be desired. They gave us too many hints at Sherlock’s deteriorating sobriety and when he did relapse, it just seemed like a random thing that happened.2018-10-31 (5)
  5. SEASON 4:
    1. Morland Holmes, played by the amazing John Noble (yes the Fringe guy) was the highlight of the season.
    2. Morland made to seem, by Sherlock, to be quite a scary figure had such an emotional storyline with his son that one wonders whether hyping him the way Sherlock has was just for banter.
    3. Bringing Moriarty and her old organization to the forefront seemed like a beating a dead horse but was intriguing.2018-10-31 (2)
  6. SEASON 2:
    1. Sherlock’s brother, Mycroft Holmes, as the forefront character in this season was definitely the reason why this season failed, he wasn’t interesting or matching in Sherlock’s skills or even some of his father’s.
    2. Ending the season with Sherlock having a childish reaction to Joan wanting to have her own life seemed unnecessary, he loves her but he does seem to want the best for her. It ruined the depth of their relationship temporarily.

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