We have all heard the rumors about Ben Affleck being ushered off from the DCEU as Batman and that Flashpoint will be his last appearance as the Batman.

Now everyone is wondering how that would work but I think there is a simple solution: Take a cue from The Flash TV show.

Remember how when Barry created Flashpoint he eventually needed the help of the Reverse Flash to get back to his OG timeline but when he did get back there were subtle differences like Diggle having a son, not a daughter, Cisco’s brother being dead and Caitlin being a Metahuman?

Well what if Barry in the Flashpoint movie comes back to the OG timeline and everything is the same except when we go to Gotham we see Batman arriving in the Batcave but when he removes his mask it’s Dick Grayson/Jason Todd, not Bruce Wayne and then we pan out and see that on the day that Dick Grayson (as Robin) died in the OG timeline it was Bruce Wayne instead that had died and Dick Grayson took up the mantle of Batman in Bruce Wayne’s honor.

This would solve a lot of problems:

  • They can find a new Batman
  • They can get a younger Batman, maybe closer in age to Gal Gadot, Joe Manganiello and Henry Cavill (cause I know that bothered people, including me – even though I eventually got down with Batfleck)
  • They can continue making Batman films for longer

Also wouldn’t it be awesome to see how Ezra Miller’s version of Barry Allen reacts to Dick Grayson/Jason Todd being Batman instead of Bruce Wayne and whether not he will tell the rest of the team about the differences in the timeline.

The subtle differences can even extend to maybe include Green Lantern and Supergirl.