This episode can be broken down into 2 main storylines:2018-10-31 (12)

  1. Nora Vs Mom and Dad:
    1. We finally find out why Nora had been so cold with Iris and I don’t think anyone could guess it. Iris put a power dampening chip in Nora so she only discovered her powers 6 months ago. So Nora only having her powers 6 months explains why she is sort of a noob in saving people.
    2. Nora felt entirely betrayed and I get that BUT technically this past Iris has not done anything yet and shouldn’t be punished for a decision she has not even made yet. It doesn’t seem like Nora talked to her future mother about the exact reasons for dampening her powers but if in the future Metahumans are hunted and imprisoned, it would make sense for Iris to want to protect her daughter even from herself.
    3. Barry consoles Iris by saying that she probably had a good reason for doing it and when Iris informs Nora that she stands by her future self’s decision because she probably did it for the right reasons Nora is even more hurt when Barry stands by Iris so she decides to move in with Grandpa Joe and the first huge bump in the West-Allen trio is hit.
    4. Questions that need answering: How did Nora find a chip in her that went undetected her whole life just 6 months ago? If Nora is 6 months in how does she know the speedforce language/symbols? How was Nora able to travel back in time so far because Barry was able to do it by himself once but he only went back a day (Season 1 with the tidal wave) other times he had help i.e. Reverse Flash or Kid Flash so how was she able to do it on her own?
    5. The key is that Eobard Thawne was Barry’s teacher and that is why he got so good at being a speedster. What if Reverse Flash traveled to the future changed his appearance to look like the curator of The Flash Museum and gained Nora’s trust and has been manipulating her ever since?

      2018-10-31 (17)

  2. Top Two Detectives search for Cicada:
    1. With Sherloque around Ralph can’t help but feel inferior but follows his gut about tracking down a lead about the mask Cicada wears, this leads them to a factory where everyone wears those same masks but Sherloque investigates further and realizes that Cicada wears the mask probably because his lungs are injured. The Team comes to the conclusion that Cicada became a Meta on the day of the enlightenment.
    2. After the failed enlightenment attempt Team Flash realize that technology and other objects have probably been changed allowing people who possess them the ability to be temporary Metas (a nice little parting gift from DeVoe).2018-10-31 (19)
    3. Cicada was probably stabbed in the chest by one the satellite pieces and since it was drenched in dark matter, he became a Metahuman but we see that although his wound is getting worse, he is actually getting stronger which shocks him and this could make for a more problematic villain than previous seasons.
    4. The Cicada takedown may require The Flash but Cicada (unlike The Thinker, Savitar, Reverse Flash & Zoom) doesn’t have a plan. He has a reason for killing Metahumans but the reason he picks certain ones, or why, is random and that requires detective work and researching especially because until then Team Flash is gonna find it hard to protect any Metahuman in the city from Cicada hero or villain.

Rating: 7.9/10