This episode has Jefferson immersed in stress dealing with things from his children, to his work at Garfield High School and his father’s murder investigation being brought back up.

  1. The Murder of Alvin Pierce:
    1. Despite being arrested in the previous episode, Tobias seems to be getting away with getting rid of all the evidence that ties him to the Alvin Pierce murder. Henderson knows this and despite Jefferson admitting to lying about being there that night and being a witness, Henderson and the DA demonstrate how unreliable Jefferson would be as a witness now.
    2. With all loose ends tied up Tobias is released and since Tobias was a huge threat when he was underground and controlling The 100 from the shadows last season, but now that he is out in the open, this season is sure to be scarier and a bigger threat for Black Lightning as killing him is Tobias’ main objective.2018-10-31 (30)
  2. Thunder The Thief:
    1. Jefferson finds out about what Anissa has been doing, stealing from criminals to give money to the church. Anissa does not take the criticism from her father well as she believes stealing from criminals is not a bad thing. She definitely a more radicalized version of her father but I believe if she does not want to give herself away as Thunder she should take on a less radical public persona as Anissa (like Bruce Wayne The Billionaire Brat) because it won’t take long for people to figure out the radical vigilante who helps the church is the athletic radical churchgoer.
    2. I think we all figured that Anissa’s antics were going to backfire but as soon as the people who she is stealing from decided to team up with Tobias, she put Black Lightning in it, whether she wanted to involve her father not. Anissa does the grown-up thing and asks her father for help with looking over the Free Clinic but I doubt one unsuccessful attempt is all it takes to stop these guys from taking the clinic down.


  3. Caged Jennifer The Bird:
    1. With her increasing anxiety over having a normal life as well being forced to stay home all the time, Jennifer is still going to therapy to try and get better so she can go back to school and her life but what we’ve seen Jennifer’s powers get out of control when she is in a heightened emotional state and that links back to Khalil.
    2. Khalil is not just any criminal now, he is Tobias’ right-hand man and now with Tobias out and about those responsibilities will be not unlike what Lala and Cyanide did in season 1. Despite her ignoring him, Khalil still tries to contact Jennifer. I don’t know why she lets it ring instead of just putting him on block.
    3. With the increasing danger to their powers being discovered Lynn and Jefferson decide that since Jennifer has not learned to control her powers that it would be best to homeschool her, she does not react well as most caged individuals don’t and she makes a bad decision.2018-10-31 (31)

Rating: 6.8/10