Sabrina Spellman is a normal girl who just happens to be a witch. She enjoys her life and finds purpose in the mortal half of herself until her 16th birthday, the time when she needs to choose to be a witch.

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There are forces at play (Miss Wardwell & Father Blackwood) to make sure Sabrina signs the Dark Lord’s book and let’s go of her mortal life. Sabrina has become invested in her mortal friends (Susie & Roz) and her boyfriend (Harvey), so it should come as no surprise when she has hesitations about her dark baptism. This was odd to me because she has had powers her whole life and has been in a house where her family says stuff like “Oh Thank Satan”, you would think she wouldn’t have reservations about becoming a bad person. She knows her family is not bad people so her reservations out loud are not the ones she has with those in confidence.

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Sabrina’s aunt, Zelda, becomes extremely worried that Sabrina won’t go through with signing the Dark Lord’s book and does almost all she can to get Sabrina ready for her Dark Baptism including punishing, by killing and bringing back, her sister Hilda, for not shutting down Sabrina’s doubt. It seems extreme but once we learn that Sabrina’s father (Edward) signed Sabrina over to the Dark Lord a short time after birth, we realize that Zelda wanted it to seem like Sabrina had a choice but that the choice should be joining their coven and signing the Dark Lord’s book.

I think it was quite unfair and funny to punish Zelda and Hilda, for Sabrina not signing the book, by taking away their powers and making them age rapidly. It was also funny how Sabrina was then forced to go to court for backing out of a promise, where a lot of family secrets where revealed: What Zelda & Edward did and the fact that Hilda and Sabrina’s mother (Diana) had her baptized at a church. The fact that the Dark Lord allowed for a compromise to be made, so Sabrina can keep her mortal life but still has to attend The Academy of Unseen Arts, is an indication that the Dark Lord wants something from her and that she is special. Although, the feeling of victory is low when we realize that Sabrina plans on destroying the Dark Lord, even if Daniel Webster, her lawyer, actually thinks she may be able to.

Father Blackwood does not seem to like Sabrina and encourages harrowing (a witch version of hazing) of Sabrina by the Weird Sisters (Prudence, Dorcas & Agatha), at The Academy. He was working with Miss Wardwell to push Sabrina towards her witch life and eventually signing the book. So, clearly, harrowing her won’t make her want to stay at The Academy so why did he encourage it? Is it just a test of strength? Was he jealous that everyone idolizes her father and she is a reminder of that? Does he not agree that a half mortal should be at The Academy, despite the Dark Lord’s wishes? Either way, Father Blackwood remains untrustworthy because unlike Miss Wardwell we are not SURE of what he wants.2018-11-02 (10)

It starts to become clear that Sabrina’s balancing act will put a strain on her mortal and witch relationships.

Side Note: Should we take Sabrina’s vision of seeing two babies one with goat legs seriously? Because the Dark Lord is represented as a goat. Does it mean there is a link between her and the Dark Lord?

Rating: 7.5/10