Rachel Roth who has been dreaming of The Flying Graysons and the boy who had to watch his parents fall to their death is forced to head to Detroit after her mother is murder in front of her. In Detroit she comes face to face with Dick Grayson who is clearly still a vigilante at heart and by the way he talks about Bruce, I think that relationship was great until Dick grew up and it turned sour due to Bruce (as Batman) taking it too far sometimes. The gruesome nature of their work is not welcome in Detroit because everyone knows of the reputation that Gotham has. Dick has not suited up in over a year so it is not a coincidence that he’s first comeback suit up lines up right with Rachel showing up.

Meanwhile, Kory Anders wakes up and is unable to remember who she is. She exhibits great fighting ability and strength but it is not until the moment she incinerates three men in a room with fiery powers do we get the feeling that she more than meets the eye. Also, shout out to Anna Diop who was speaking fabulous German. Kory, before she lost her memories, was also looking for Rachel so we know where Kory is headed and how the show will bring them together.

Rachel has been struggling with what is inside of her and all her ‘mother’ would do is pray even though it’s clear that even she was afraid of Rachel sometimes, but that didn’t mean that she didn’t love her. Rachel can’t seem to keep her demons at bay and, in demon form, kills her attacker in a gruesome way but her normal self does not seem to remember this. Dick decides to take Rachel a place she’ll be safe and I know I am not the only one who hoped Dick would say Bludhaven.

2018-11-03 (12)

We also get a quick scene of a green tiger turning into a boy.

Rating: 7/10