So Dick takes Rachel to old acquaintances, Dawn Granger and Hank Hall. Dawn and Hank are not on great terms because Dick has not been in contact with them in a while but we are given the impression that he got their whereabouts from Alfred Pennyworth.

Hank and Dawn are vigilantes as well and due to many injuries sustained, Hank promises to quit after they take down one last gun runner. Hank, I’m guessing cause of his inability to perform, is feeling threatened by the reappearance of Dick in their lives because Daen and Dick used to be a thing and he left her hurt. Dawn thinks that Dick is the perfect firepower to use on the job but is unaware of gruesome Robin has become and leaves Hawk and Dove shocked in the field. Also, Robin retrieves his R’s that he throws out, which is so funny.

2018-11-03 (24)

Dick was planning on leaving Rachel with Hank and Dawn (also leaving money to take care of her) but unbeknownst to them, The Nuclear Family have tortured Dicks’ detective partner to get information about his whereabouts and ambush them on the roof of Hank and Dawn’s apartment. The fight is horrific and Dawn is thrown from the roof and left gravely injured, while the whereabouts of Rachel and The Nuclear Family is unknown.

Rating: 7.4/10