While Dick and Kory look for Rachel, Kory gets an exclusive look at Dick’s bad temper. Dick won’t talk about it much but this has to be about his time being a sidekick to Batman. Dick has anger issues and I wonder how he will be able to lead the team. Maybe Dick resolving his issues will involve a trip back to Gotham especially after getting insight into his past and how Bruce tried to help him with his anger over his parents dying.

We learn more about Garfield Logan when he brings Rachel back to his place for her to hide. Garfield was dying from a rare disease when Chief found and helped him but now he is able to change into a tiger. We know Beast Boy can turn into any animal he wants so either Garfield is going to learn to do that later or him only turning into a tiger is psychological like Chief said.

We get an exclusive look into the vibe of Doom Patrol and its members. If you were expecting an Alfred Pennyworth type of father figure in Chief you would be mistaken, he is a genius and amazing for helping each of the people in that house but he seems to be an extreme tyrant, prone to violence and rigid in is emotional capacity. Larry is the resident chef and Cliff is a sort of caretaker, while Rita is just the beauty for now. Rachel enjoys her time with the team until Chief tries to analyze her and the dark force in her goes off the rails.

I wonder how they will structure the Doom Patrol series because Chief has such severe rules about them not leaving the house and such. Going off of this episode though, I am not worried and the series should be interesting to watch.2018-11-05 (22)

After Dick and Kory find Rachel, Garfield decides to leave with them and we get the whole of the Titans team traveling together for the first time. It’s an exciting time.

Rating: 8.6/10

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