With Rachel and Garfield, the whole team is traveling together for the first time this season and immediately Dick addresses the danger following them and how they need to train or learn to control their abilities. Each member displays their abilities but Dick does not, reminding us that they do not know that he is Robin. Kory and Dick grow closer although I suspect he used sex as a way to avoid talking about all the things he is hiding about himself and his past in Gotham.

Dick is forced to reveal himself as Robin when The Nuclear Family (who just got a new dad) finds them and it looks like they could actually win the fight. Dick probably suited up because he knows putting on the mask makes me him a better fighter behind the mask. The Nuclear Family surrender but it is clear that they are not going to reveal who their employer or why they want Rachel but make it clear that involves a lot of danger. Dick decides to use the information he got from The Nuclear Family’s car to go to the apartment that their boss is in.

When Dick comes face to face with The Nuclear Family’s boss unbeknownst to him the boss had terminated all the members of The Nuclear Family. Dick and the boss are ambushed by soldiers sent to kill them and Dick is overpowered, that is until the New Robin comes to his aid. Whether this new Robin will be friendly or Dick, he usually is not friendly, will be angry to see he has been replaced will be funny to see. This next episode might actually be the trigger that leads Dick seeking a new vigilante identity, like Nightwing. I am hoping we don’ have to wait until the finale for him to get to this point but it seems like that’s the way it’s going to go.

2018-11-10 (15)

Rating: 8.4/10