Nora is still mad at her parents and because of this she makes a mistake in the field and when Iris and Barry try to talk to her she responds angrily and berates her mom. Iris can’t take the arguing and Barry tries to remind Nora that Iris is not her future self and she’s treating her like she is. Nora is so wrong for blaming Iris for decisions or a parenting style that present Iris didn’t even do. Nora came back to learn about her father but is completely ignoring who her mother is now. Mama Cecil, who I am guessing is going to be replacing Joe when it comes to wisdom while Jesse L. Martin is on leave, doesn’t stand for Nora’s complaining about Iris and proceeds to tell her all of these stories that she didn’t know about her mom and getting her to see the bigger picture.

When Barry gets kidnapped by Rag Doll (who has such a creepy ability or maybe I just don’t like that bone-breaking stuff) and Iris and Elongated Man rush to save him, I cannot help but think about how this show has shown us countless times that Barry is willing to risk his life for Iris but never how Iris is willing to do the same. She leaps off of a building with only a hope and a pray, to save Barry because they are Barry and Iris and that’s the kind of love that I think people miss when they hate on Iris. The love they share is 50/50, they save each other in all aspects of their lives and that’s why “[They] are The Flash”. I don’t think it was just Nora who needed to be reminded about how to love Iris. We also get to see Elongated Man’s first capture and victory this season, as well as his ability to swing from building to building with Iris on his back, which was funny.

Caitlin, who is looking for her father, enlists the help of Sherloque, Cisco, and Ralph but their leads rely heavily on Cisco using his powers and ever since he got cut by Cicada’s dagger in the second episode, Cisco has been experiencing issues with using his abilities. Once his condition with his abilities become know we find out that when he got cut by the dagger, it left bits inside his hand that will cause him extreme pain any time he tries to use them (a nice parting gift from Cicada). Cisco and Caitlin bond over their shared feeling of uselessness after losing their abilities but Caitlin reminds Cisco, the same way Iris reminded Caitlin in season 4, that he was always useful, way before he got his abilities. Cisco is able to tap into four new satellites so they can be used to track Caitlin’s father despite Caitlin’s hesitation with the reunion.

WIth the next episode titled “The Icicle Cometh”, we can’t help but think that it has something to do with Caitlin’s dad, who we are aware knows Caitlin is looking for him. Why spend all this time underground? Why not reveal himself, himself? It’s all very dodgy.

Rating: 7.3/10

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