A bonus scene of episode 5 of The Flash has been released which shows Rag Doll being thrown in jail and another prisoner (you should recognize his voice) but if you don’t he says his name “Mardon”. Mark Mardon (AKA Weather Wizard) talks about a storm coming and how Rag Doll should join him. Mardon is no stranger to team-ups as he once teamed up with The Trickster during Season 2’s Christmas episode. We could be seeing the forming of the younger version of The Rogues that have been in conversation, obviously with Weather Wizard as the leader, not Captain Cold.

Is Golden Glider going to join because Peyton List is supposed to be Poison Ivy on Gotham? What about Rainbow Raider, Abra Kadabra, and The Trickster? I guess we will know closer to the time but some of these questions can be answered now.