I was right! Thomas Snow was not just experimenting on himself but also on Caitlin. So Thomas unlike Caitlin and Killer Frost could not reach a friendly symbiosis with his alter ego (Icicle) and just Killer Frost tried (and failed) to get rid of Caitlin, Icicle is trying to get rid of Thomas. All those vibes Cisco was getting of what seemed like Thomas leaving clues for Caitlin was really Icicle using skin grafts to look like Thomas. We all should have seen a red flag when he said he got help from Victor Fries (a villain) and Harrison Wells (Reverse Flash also a villain) also how he just happened to not have a split personality like Caitlin. Honestly though I couldn’t have guessed that Icicle had completely taken over Thomas’s mind and body but considering that they were in isolation for so long Thomas’s will could have decreased, allowing Icicle to take over. Nevertheless we have to thank him for giving us our link back to Killer Frost.

It’s funny how Caitlin, just like Nora, thought of her mom as the villain when Caitlin’s mom knew what was going on between Thomas and his alter ego and locked him away, threw away the key and pretended like he was dead to protect everybody especially Caitlin. I’m guessing just like Caitlin, her mom must have fallen for Icicles tricks and eventually had enough. We know that her mom helped with her Killer Frost problem (in Season 3) and told her to not use her abilities because it would just make it worse, she probably was talking from experience but why not say anything then? Maybe she thought that maybe then Killer Frost would be convinced by Icicle to take over Caitlin, so again protecting her.

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Icicle is extremely powerful (as he has had a long time to perfect his abilities) so the only person who seems to be able to handle him is Killer Frost so get ready for a daddy-daughter beat down in the future.

Cicada’s condition is leaving me with more questions this episode. He seems to be simultaneously getting stronger and weaker. He gets injured but refuses to get medical help but the other wound (from the dagger) is making him stronger so what’s really happening to him?


Meanwhile the mother-daughter duo of Iris and Nora with Sherloque help track down the core of the STAR Labs satellite and see that the dagger came from it. Cecil and Ralph also track down all the patients that were injured during the Enlightenment and are able to find out the name of Cicada’s daughter.


Now the fact that they now know who they are looking for seems to be moot because clearly Cicada is stronger than them and actually has the ability to fight so he can’t be taken on directly and they have no idea how to hold him. I’m going to take a guess that by the time TEAM Flash figure all this out Cicada would have reached a new level of powerful (maybe by killing a speedster? Like Wally or Jesse or Jay?)

Rating: 8.4/10