This episode revolved around Daddy-daughter type relationships: Nora & Barry, Joss & Mark and Orlin & Grace.

XS & The Flash Vs Weather Witch:

Ever since the arrival of Nora I have been wondering when Barry was going to get to a point when he realises that he now has a daughter to think about. I guess in a way he nows he can run into danger now because he knows he’s going to be around to disappear in the future but his future disappearance doesn’t seem to loom over him like it should. With the the arrival of Weather Witch and her hatred towards her father (Mark Mardon), Nora can’t seem to shake the anger she has at her own father Barry because he constantly puts himself into danger and that might work out now but in the future she grows up without her father and it was easier to idolize him and express her anger towards her mom than to admit that she may be angry at him for how it all turned out.

Barry tries to console her and for the first time since Savitar we see Barry hesitate when it came to doing the right thing, this makes Nora feel awful and she realizes that she’s gonna have to swallow her fear as Iris had to learn to do.

I’ve been wondering if they are going to address the elephant in the room: How long does Nora intend on staying in the past? Like I know she can return to the exact moment she left but when will they realize having her here might be doing damage? I mean there has been no time wraiths so clearly they feel comfortable but still.

Cicada has his reasons:

We finally get some back story to Cicada and it was kind of what we thought. First Orlin is not Grace’s father but her uncle who had to take her in after his Sister (Grace’s mother) was killed during a metahuman attack (STRIKE 1). Orlin is a reluctant parent and definitely didn’t have it together to take care of a child but eventually decided to pull himself together to be a parent and as soon as he finally did, him and Grace were injured during The Thinker’s failed enlightenment (STRIKE 2). Grace is left in a coma after the incident and Orlin is left to watch The Flash get praised for saving the city and sees the news broadcast of Gridlock committing a crime (STRIKE 3). He vows to take down every metahuman in the city (good or bad). After Orlin finds out that people are on to him you would think that he would try to stay away but he’s getting stronger and clearly believes he can take anyone on (which we know is actually true).

I wonder if this Cicada attracts followers like the cult in the comics because I’m sure there are people in the city who agree that metahumans are a plague on the city. Anyway with the gang finally knowing who he is a confrontation is in the near future.

It would actually be cool to see someone come forward with a business that can help people during metahuman attacks like in that shortlived show Powerless or maybe Cisco can start doing that as a way to make money for S.T.A.R Labs especially because he can’t actually be Vibe anymore.

Rating: 7.1/10