Dick separates from the team as the danger has passed. Dick goes to see a fellow former sidekick Donna Troy so she can help him adjust to normal life. Dick is not well adjusted, Donna grew up with Diana and Dick grew up with Bruce, the difference in their upbringings is extremely clear. Donna has a good life outside of Wonder Girl but Dick not so much, she suggests that if Dick doesn’t want to be Batman and can no longer be Robin then he should try be something else. Donna and Dick have to cut their reunion short as she is able to translate the writings from Kory and rush off to find the team.

Rachel and her mom have some time to talk and her mother reveals how Rachel ended up with Melissa (her adoptive mother), she also explains about her father and that Rachel gets her powers from him. Rachel doesn’t seem to be happy about the news or doesn’t seem to believe it but she stays. Gar is worried about how he liked it when he bit someone and Kory tells him not feel bad about protecting himself.

Kory is experiencing flashes of memory that are making her agitated and she’s feeling really restless about her amnesia also she is still being hunted for the attacks on those police officers. Rachel, seeing Kory’s frustration, tries to use her abilities to unlock her memories but simultaneously we find out that Kory might actually have been sent here to kill Rachel andthe episode ends with Kory attacking Rachel. I think that Donna might have translated it wrong or that Kory’s not meaning to attack Rachel. Even though I think Kory is no danger to the team, I think attacking her or locking her up will cause more damage. Also the team is powerful but besides Rachel, who has no control of her abilities, who else is capable of stopping Kory?

Rating: 7.7/10

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