There is so much to unpack in this episode so lets just get into it:

The Cicada of it all:

You would think that finding out who Cicada is would be half of the battle but it’s not. Finding out who he is just gave us insight into why he is doing this, stopping him is a whole different ball game especially cause in the future they never did. Nora suggests travelling back into the past to create a weapon that could sort of counteract the power dampening dagger: A piece of Savitar’s suit, the Speedfoorce transmitter – that Zoom used to steal Barry’s speed – and enfuse it with dark matter from the day of the particle accelerator explosion. The team also realise that they would have to hide the weapon inside the hospital so that Cicada would not run away before they are able to get to him. It was a good plan but I think the team have underestimated how strong Cicada has become and without Killer Frost (who SURPRISE is actually immune to Cicada’s dagger), they would have not made it out alive including Vibe (who exposed him being alive to Cicada). Cicada was the least interesting part of the episode though.

The Past through different eyes:

When Nora and Barry travel back in time they get a time wraith on their tails. They are able to get Savitar’s suit without a problem but things go off rails when Zoom finds them trying to take the transmitter and chases after them but gets slown down by the time wraith because let’s not forget that he too was messing with time. I don’t really understand this time wraith business, why did one come after them now and Barry when he traveled back in Season 2 but not Nora when she came back to the past? Maybe its the way the time traveling is done either way the plan gets messed up when the transmitter breaks after their escape from Zoom and they realise they need Harrison Wells AKA Eobard Thawne’s help. I don’t know how many times we have to go through this but going to Thawne for help is NEVER a good idea. Will Barry never learn? Then again it was Nora’s idea and she seems to be on edge around Thawne, I thought it was because obviously she knew about her father’s history with him but when Barry tells her she seems so shocked and that gave me such a bad feeling. Nora gets to see just how much her father really hates Thawne and honestly it felt like I was holding my breath through the whole exchange. Thawne fixes the transmitter and Nora and Barry return with nothing in the present seemingly changed. Nora travels back in time to see her grandparents (Barry’s parents) before they died and as if he knew she would Barry is there with her. It really is a testament to how much Barry has grown and I don’t know about you but as a constant The Flash watcher, I just felt a huge sense of pride.

Nora, you naughty girl:

We have all been wondering about Nora’s journal and why no one thought to bring it up with Nora especially because she has that time language (she calls it) that they saw in Season 4. I guess they have been dealing with a lot but Sherloque, who has been suspicious of Nora’s motives takes the dagger and tries to get Cisco to decode it. Sherloque comes right out and asks Nora about it and the language and she says that she uses it to keep track of things just in case the timeline gets changed and she also says that she invented the language. Sherloque seems to be unconvinced by her answers and we see as he tried to decode the language there is a sentence there (“Time is malleable”). Nora records her journal entry into Gideon and it seems like she is transmitting her entries to someone in particular. She goes to the future and we see that she is and has been communicating with Thawne and she seems angry (probably because she didn’t know about what he did). I’m surprised by this revelation only because she KNOWS she is working with a bad guy, I mean Thawne is chilling in a jail cell, so why is she doing this? To save her father? Because besides Savitar, Thawne is the ultimate timeline manipulater (I mean it hasn’t worked out since one of him got wiped from existence and this one is chilling in a jail cell) and he would know how to travel back in time without bringing the time wraiths on one’s tail. That being said Nora knows somewhat how much of a villain he is so that’s why she is lying to everyone. The only thing I can’t figure out is why she is givng him updates about her experiences in the past, that cannot lead to something good, she can’t honestly be that naive. I wonder what deal was struck between them and does that mean if Nora used to be Dawn that maybe The Tornado Twins existed?

All these questions…

Rating: 9.1/10

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