With the events of the 100th episode playing out I was left wondering if Cicada is actually the main villain of Season 5 of The Flash.

Many people have been wondering about his lackluster history and although the lure of him never been caught can be enticing, it doesn’t mean he actually plagues Team Flash throughout the season the same way The Thinker, Zoom and Savitar did.

So if Cicada is not the main villain who could it actually be?


Caitlin’s father’s evil alter ego could be the main villain of this Season. It would play into the seasons theme about family legacy and could bring to the forefront a hero fans have loved for a while: Killer Frost. However, Icicle is not that formidable and all it would take is to bring back Caitlin’s father to remove Icicle so it might not be a showdown that we want to see played out in a season finale.

Reverse Flash:

If this season’s theme is really family legacy then there is no one more suited to be the villain than Reverse Flash and since he is working with Nora and Jessica Parker Kennedy is a series regular this season, it may be that she gets manipulated (as Reverse Flash is one to go and do) and somehow he tries to take down the West-Allen family once and for all using Nora. It would make for a huge reveal when she eventually tells the team about working with him and a battle with Reverse Flash never disappoints. It would also could include a few glimpses into the future, something we have been craving as Nora has been dropping hints.

Family is the tie that binds and Cicada just doesn’t bring enough emotional stake into the story to be the main villain of this Season. Also bringing him back as they try and fail to take him down in future seasons could be better. He can become so strong (and maybe gain a following) he eventually becomes the main villain of a future season.

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