This episode really dealt with the aftermath of Jennifer running away with Khalil and what danger it could actually mean for her family.

Painkiller is wanted:

With Khalil on the run from Tobias Whale, you would think he wouldn’t make trackable decisions like showing up to rob some of the The 100 gang so him and Jennifer could have money to go on the run. Khalil gets into a fight and Jennifer has to use her abilities to get them out of it. Khalil gets really angry with Jennifer when she asks if she can call her family so she can let them know that she is safe and for Jennifer that should have been the first indicator of what her life on the run is going to be like: him making all the decisions and being very hostile about everything she tries to do to contact her family back home. Khalil suggests changing their appearance, as he finally cuts off his dreads but Jennifer doesn’t and when Khalil is tracked to his aunt’s place he is badly injured and even though they escape from an assassain and Black Lightning and Thunder, I have got a feeling they are not going to get very far.

Pierce Family aftermath:

Even though the police are overrun with tracking down all the greenlight babies in the city, Henderson still finds the time to try and find Jennifer. Gambi is revealed to be alive and Anissa cannot get over how much hurt he caused them when he decided to remain undercover after the attempt on his life. Jefferson is mad at Anissa for not telling them about Jennifer being in contact with Khalil but Anissa reminds them that the only reason Jennifer ran away was because she felt like a caged animal and we all know that leads to bad decisions. Anissa reminds her father that his overprotective rules and standing in constant judgement over what they do is also what drove her away. Lynn is not taking losing the pod kids and Jennifer, simultaneously, well and The Pierce family seems like such a broken home for the first time ever.

Whether or not Jennifer decides to stay on the run, the ramifications of her decision leading Black Lightning and Thunder having to come after her caused Tobias to put two and two together: that whenever Black Lightning shows up including the first time he made a reappearance after all those years always somehow included the Pierce girls. The Pierce family is finally back in danger and this time they are not together to tackle the problem as a unit and could result in tragedy.

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Rating: 6.6/10