Archie and Jughead:

Archie and Jughead decide to take a break from being on the run in a barn on a farm and are surorised to find their hosts – Two sisters, Laurie and Gracie – to be quite welcoming that is until Laurie kisses Archie and he reveals who he really is. Jughead, after wondering around town on his own, realises that Fizzle Rocks are also drugs and that they are made at the jail. Jughead also realises that all the men in the city work in the jail and therefore for Hiram Lodge. Jughead rushes to get Archie, who at first is reluctant to run because he wants to attack Hiram head on. I am glad that Archie thought better of that plan because there is no way that attacking Hiram would have changed a thing, especially because he owns a whole town and has many people on his payroll, a move like that would have gotten Archie a one-way ticket back to jail and this time without a chance of getting out alive.


Betty is stuck at the Sisters of Quiet Mercy and tries to act as if she is getting better so that she can bide her time until she has an opportunity to leave through the same door that Cheryl was able to escape from previously. Betty, of course, is unable to resist the mystery that is thrown in front of her: Ethel as her roommate. Now instead of playing along and trying to get more and more information out of Ethel, Betty antagonises her and when she tries to escape with evidence that Hiram Lodge is involved, they force feed her the Fizzle Rocks that she has been throwing away and now under the influence of the encounter, Betty is muttering and behaving in the same way as those who, like Ethel, believe the Gargoyle King is their king and saviour. I dont know if Betty will snap out of this or maybe Veronica or her mother will see what is happening to her and try to get her out but it interesting to get a view into what those like Ethel see.


Veronica decides that she cannot live under the same household as her father and moves out. Veronica who is starting to run out of money makes a deal to open a casino in her speakeasy. Hiram comes by to give Veronica advice but of course considering all he has done takes the advice with a grain of salt but when her father calls her with a tip that maybe her partner may be trying to screw her over because he believes she is weak cause she is no longer under the protection of her father, she actually takes his advice and wins enough money to stay a float. Veronica is then informed that the evidence she has against the Sheriff may actually not work because he was found decapitated and without arms. Veronica knows the dangers of her father and he doesn’t seem like he would actually hurt her directly but she can’t cut ties and then go back because it leaves her and her business vulnerable.

Hiram Lodge AKA The Man in Black has had a hand in almost all things this season and that being said everyone, especially Jughead, is convinced that he is the Gargoyle King. I think that because it is so obvious that it is Hiram that it probably isn’t, that being said he seems to be reaping the most reward from all of the Griffins & Gargoyles mess, everyone on Fizzle Rock drugs seems to be playing the game and he was a part of the Midnight Club which events ended in deaths similar to what is happening now. So I do not think that Hiram is actually the Gargoyle King but I think he knows who it is and is just manipulating events in his favour. The only way to check is actually get Veronica to play because despite their differences, Hiram would not actually want her to die so Veronica may actually be the key to seeing who is really running the game this time around.

Rating: 7.0/10