This episode was a break from the present storyline that unfolded in the past episodes and deals with the backstory of two characters we have not seen in a while: Hank Hall and Dawn Granger.

Through the flashbacks we get to see how Hank and Dawn met, tragically. We also get insight more into Hank and how and why he does what he does as Hawk.

Hank is a prescription drug abusing violent man but when you get to understand his life you realise that maybe he might be more well adjusted than any of us could ever be and more than that he is channeling his anger into a good cause I think that really was a great idea by his brother Don. Hank was always protective of his brother and even allowed himself to be sexually abused by his football coach so that his brother could be saved. Hank channeled his anger back then into his football but when him and his brother get kicked out of school, Don realises that Hank is going to need a new outlet so they decide to clean up their neighbourhood by targeting paedophiles and sex offenders. When both Don and Dawn’s mother die in a car accident, Hank is left without his brother and sidekick.

Dawn who had a strained relationship with her mother because of her habit of returning to her abusive father. When Dawn loses her mother she tries to connect with Don but at first he makes it difficult. Dawn makes it easier for Don to open up about his brother and his past that he would even admit to Don about what happened with his old football coach. Dawn, who I’m guessing due to her past with her father never being punished for what he did to her mother, tracks down Hank’s old football coach to get him to confess about what he did. Dawn and the coach fight but it is only when Hank steps in and finishes him off that coach finally admits it.

Dawn and Hank sleep together but she tells him that that they can’t be together, I think it is because they are bonded in grief or they both have a mutual hatred for bad men. This actually makes me wonder how they got together then because she moved on to Dick, who was emotionally unavailable and then back to Hank so what happened there?


The first time I met Hank I was not a fan and I am not saying that I have completely changed my mind but this episode did a great thing by making sure that none of us judged Hank’s behaviour for what we clearly don’t understand. It also gave us insight into why someone like Dawn, who seems so sweet in demeanor would join a guy like Hank in fighting crime and into a relationship.

This whole episode was not a bust we got to see that Rachel was trying to communicate with Hank and Dawn and at the end Dawn wakes up with a message from Rachel about finding Jason Todd. I don’t know what Jason has to do with anything and I don’t know why she did not ask for Dick or just Robin but something big has to be going down for her to be calling for reinforcements from everyone, including a random like Jason Todd.

Rating: 8.7/10


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