• Thanos
  • Doctor Doom
  • Adam Warlock
  • The Hood
  • Iron Man
  • Nebula

When Nebula took the Gauntlet from Thanos, she undid all of the damage he he did throughout the universe and considering that Gamora only led Thanos to what became her eventual death because of her, Nebula might be the one motivated enough to take it from him and do what needs to be done. Nebula may also be the only one, who isn’t dust, besides Thor strong enough to wield it if it requires a strong possessor.

When Iron Man AKA Tony Stark put on the Gauntlet, he became the first human to actually utilize the Infinity Gauntlet. Stark is also extremely motivated because of everyone around him turning to dust including Spiderman and although in the trailer for Avengers: End Game, he was adrift in space we know he will be saved.

Stark is a crowd favourite and with many prediciting the death of Captain America as a sacrifice Stark might earn the Gauntlet that way and reverse all the damage done by Thanos.