This episode deals with the ramifications of when another member of the team changes time for themselves, with this show being the way that it is, the premise of this episode is tired and played out.

Constantine is clearly a guy with some demons in his past but he seemed like someone who has been the good guy for so long that he wouldn’t actually do something so stupid – like changing time to save a loved one – that being said Charlie, the shapeshifter, definitely egged him on a bit.

With time broken and her powers returned Charlie tries to return to her normal life on the run but when she crosses paths with a leprechaun, she gets a glimpse into who the Legends have become without Constantine: The Custodians of the Chronology. The team has become a shoot first and answer questions later type of team and Charlie worries about why that is, she realises that since Sara died, the team have become more harsh about tracking down magical creatures. Charlie gets Zari and takes her to Constantine, who is dealing with having two conflicting timelines in his head because he is at the epicentre of the timeline change (kind of like with Barry during Flashpoint).

Now if you thought, like me, that Constantine would be immediately interested in reversing time to make sure that things go back to normal, you would be wrong. Constantine makes the fatal mistake of letting Charlie convince him that all they would have to do is make sure Sara doesn’t die and things will go back to normal but every iteration of them changing things results in different deaths and since the team never meets Charlie, who changed their minds about being harsh with the magical fugitives, they still shoot to kill even in the timeline where no one dies.

Charlie, realising that she is the missing piece, lets Constantine reverse his mistake and gets the timeline back to normal. This adventure also allows Charlie to realise her place is on the ship. Constantine learns to open up about his past and problems involving Neron and how Neron plans on coming back from hell.

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This episode had a very cliche structure but brought an interesting villain in Neron to the table. The whole Charlie wearing Amaya’s face bit is kind of losing traction and in my opinion Legends does well when it dips into the same tone that Constantine brought during Season 3. It is also funny for them to be so busy that they miss the call for help from Oliver, Barry and Kara.


Rating: 6.8/10