This episode dealt with a very unnerving ans often relevant theme about religious corruption and how people use people’s belief’s against them and to manipulate them. It also dealt with good old fashion revenge and this is the first time this Doctor has had to deal with a former enemy.

The Doctor, after receiving a large number of distress signals, arrives on the planet Ranskoor Av Kloos where a large number of wrecked starcrafts are on the planet as well as a psychic field that has the ability to alter one’s perception of reality. Once the team land there they realise that Tzim-Sha is at the centre of all the things going on the planet, as he makes a request of Paltraki – a pilot with amnesia but beginning to recall his memory – to bring him the rock floating a shell in exchange for his crew. The rock in the shell seems important and considering that it is their only bargaining chip, the team make their way to the citadel to learn more about what is going on.

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With the reappearance of Tzim-Sha and the events of the previous episode – where Graham came face-to-face with a version of Grace and had to leave her – Graham makes his plans of seeking revenge known to The Doctor, who warns him that if he goes through with it, she will not allow him to travel with them anymore. Graham seems to be okay with that and she doesn’t seem to want to tell him about how emotional he is being and how it could ruin his future.

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Graham and Ryan go looking for the missing crew and find more prisoners than they bargained for in statis chambers, they are able to get them out before Graham comes face-to-face Tzim-Sha but makes the right choice and puts him in stasis chamber as punishment instead of killing, reminding himself and those around him that he is strong.

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We meet the Ux – a race able to control the fabric of reality with their minds, but only two exist a time – they were manipulated by Tzim-Sha when he arrived on their planet after being transported there from Earth – making them believe he is their creator – and for over 3000 years he has had them work on his demands basically taking revenge on races that humiliated him by shrinking their planets to tiny objects, meaning the rock in that shell is an actual planet. Paltraki and Yas find four more rocks in shells and Tzim-Sha reveals his plans to do the same thing to Earth.

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Tzim-Sha, like many power-hungry people that came before him, is cocky and doesn’t take the time to realise what his plans are doing to the alignment of the universe and the fabric of reality. Tzim-Sha attempts to shrink Earth but is stopped by the Ux and The Doctor, basically saving Earth and the fabric of reality as well as being able to put the other planets back in their original respective positions in space. Why do villains never realise that they could die trying to be Gods?

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This Doctor is a huge difference to previous Doctors in one regard: Confidence. Honestly The Thirteenth Doctor lacks this confidence in all the things she does and despite having a very quirky and funny personality, it makes me wonder if they made her less confident like The Doctors before so no one would dislike her as most people (MEN) have been known to dislike women who are “know it alls”.

Rating: 7.4/10