It is crazy how the crossover that doesn’t have a clear villain is the one that is the best. There is a lot of Easter Eggs and things to unpack so let’s get into it.

Part 1:

The Monitor, fresh off of his destruction of Earth-90 (people on the internet think its designation is 90 because the heroes are the 90’s version), comes to Earth-1 to give Dr. John Deegan, a fringe doctor at Arkham Asylum a Book that can rewrite destiny. Now if anyone got to rewrite history, you would think that they would start with their own but no, Deegan ends up messing up the lives of Barry and Oliver who wake up in each other’s lives, with each other’s abilities. I loved how uncomfortable Oliver was with Iris’s affections and how he tried to make her happy by saying he loved her back. Barry and Oliver try to convince Team Flash of their plight but no one believes them and only after a long discussion with Iris does she let them go and figure out what is going on. Barry and Oliver go to track down Kara, who sees them as they really are. Cisco, whose vibes have not really been on point in this season of The Flash, keeps getting vibes of The Monitor and after taking down an adapting robot, like the one from X-Men: Days of Future Past, Barry, Kara, and Oliver realise where they need to go to get some answers: Gotham City. The moment when all of them – The Flash, Green Arrow, Supergirl & Superman – are taking down the A.T.M.O.S robot I couldn’t help but feel like this is definitely the beginnings of the Justice League in the Arrowverse.

Part 2:

Before heading to Gotham, Oliver has his team working on the weird lightning storms that have been following them around. While they travel to Gotham the team realises that a Flash – who looks like Jay Garrick or Barry’s father – has been trying to communicate with them, hence the lightning storms. This version of The Flash is Barry Allen and on his Earth (Earth-90) The Monitor came and caused destruction, he also drops a possible Diggle is Green Lantern on Earth-90 Easter Egg but it is shortlived. While in Gotham City, Kara and Barry try to convince Oliver that The Batman is real but Oliver is convinced he is the original vigilante. Barry as Oliver draws too much attention and gets them arrested and Kate Kane (cousin of Bruce Wayne) bails them out as a way of getting them out of Gotham. Now, Kara believes Batman is real and asks the suspicious question about Bruce leaving around the same time as Batman and when she says that her cousin is frenemies with Bruce, we realise that she knows that Bruce Wayne is Batman, but why not say anything? I guess maybe she thinks it is not her secret to tell. Anyway, the team arrives at Arkham Asylum to get the book from Deegan, which they are able to do but not without some serious help from Batwoman, who we know is Kate Kane, she seems extremely intense and I can’t help but think she would get on with Season 1 Oliver Queen. Oliver and Barry get a peek into each other’s fears and it is a great way to make each other see their perspective: Oliver realises that Barry has had to deal with hardships in his life and Barry realises that there is a reason for Oliver’s abrasiveness. The book is locked but The Monitor shows up to tell them that it doesn’t matter because it was all a test. The Monitor is testing them to see if they are the best heroes to defend against a crisis that is coming – to help protect the multiverse and time. So he is not necessarily the bad guy even though how much Earth-90 is in shambles, I don’t think they passed the test but instead of reversing it and moving to another earth, The Monitor left Earth-90 as is, so that was not nice. Although marketed as a backdoor pilot for Batwoman, this episode really showed how different things are done in Gotham and how intense and badass Kate Kane is but not how she would fit in the Arrowverse and definitely didn’t give us any peeks into her story so far.

Part 3:

After getting the book back from The Monitor and getting another chance to rewrite destiny, Deegan makes himself “Superman”. Deegan makes all the previous heroes bad guys (like Cisco is a sort of mob boss, Barry and Oliver are a criminal duo) and locks Kara up in the pipeline. Deegan is desperate to make himself appear a hero and Oliver forces his hand to keep his hero image up in the public just so he and Barry can get away. Deegan is not sure of who Kara is because on this Earth she does not exist but he copied some of her abilities to make himself Superman. Barry and Oliver ask Cisco – who still has his abilities – for help in getting the real Superman. While Superman fights Deegan, the team are able to get the book and since Kara is still pretty weak they get Superman to read the book, therefore, changing everything back. Deegan is able to get the book back again and as he tries to change destiny back to his version, Barry and Kara have an idea to slow down time so that they can somehow get the book back from him but Clark says that when he read the book he saw that Kara and Barry did exactly that and died and since it is in the book, it is their destiny, but they choose to do it anyway. Oliver goes to The Monitor to ask him to change Barry and Kara’s destiny because they will be needed in the crisis that he is talking about, The Monitor says that he needs to keep the balance and asks Oliver for his opinion on how. Everything goes back to normal. Clark and Lois are having a baby and Superman is retiring, leaving Earth in Supergirl’s hands.

Elseworlds did great justice for Superman, who often goes underserved in the Arrowverse, it also allowed Tyler Hoechlin to flex his acting muscles as he played a good and bad version of the Man of Steel in one episode. We are unsure of the crisis and the deal that Oliver made with The Monitor and I was left with a lingering worry about the fate of Oliver Queen in the future but maybe that will be explored more in future Arrow episodes. We did not get to see a huge part of John Wesley Shipp’s Barry Allen but considering that the next crossover is Crisis on Infinite Earths I am guessing that it won’t be the last we see of him. Oliver Queen’s evolution in this also really showed us that there may be hope for his character and marriage just yet, I like the fact that Oliver said that Barry will inspire people and it seems that Barry inspires Oliver, it’s really a friendship that holds the Arrowverse together.

What I can’t wait to see is a real episode with Batwoman and how she fits in the dynamic of all the characters in the Arrowverse but more than that I would like to see more of what the end conversation between her and Oliver was about and who she connects with most in the team. It would be awesome if it was Supergirl because Oliver and Barry are so close because they have known each other longer and on Supergirl’s Earth Superman had a relationship with Batman.

Rating: 8.8/10