After all the Vixens, excluding Cheryl, suffer from seizures during school, Veronica finds out about her parents’ plan to send her back to New York but knows them well enough to realise that they want her out of the way for something. The school board is meeting to shut down the school and tries to round up all the students who suffered from seizures but Veronica is able to get away. She then finds out from Reggie about how the new gang The Gargoyles are giving away The Fizzle Rocks for free and that it must be part of her father’s plan to get everyone hooked and then have those people become customers for life. As the parents try to find out why their kids have been having seizures and whether or not the school should be shut down until they are able to figure out what is going on, Veronica and Cheryl try to get the schoolboard to see the Lodges’ plans and that there was no official word from the CDC about the school and Cheryl questions where the rest of The Vixens where taken if it wasn’t by the CDC. Cheryl’s mother then suffers from a seizure. Hiram comes clean to Veronica about her being right about most of his plan but he never actually claims the Gargoyle King Mantle, he does call himself a King. The only reason he would come clean like this is because he knows that his plan is so far into motion that there really isn’t anything that can be done to really stop him and even though Veronica plans to get help from outside Riverdale, he does not seem to be worried about those kinds of threats. We saw that last week he had taken control over another town but that town looked so ragged. What is he planning with Riverdale? Cheryl and Veronica try to get the truth about what is happening to the town from Cheryl’s mother and it seems Hiram plans on letting the criminals he calls ‘partners’ run ramped through Riverdale but they are too late and Hiram has gotten the Governor to quarantine Riverdale.

The Sisters of Quiet Mercy:

Although Betty seemed to be feeding into the delusion of the Gargoyle King at the end of the last episode, she must be back to thinking straight because even though she takes The Fizzle Rocks in public she vomits them out before they can affect her, therefore being able to keep her head during her stay at the Sisters. Alice comes to visit Betty and informs her of the mass seizure and the fact that the school is having an emergency meeting. Alice thinks Betty is safe here but we know the truth. Now if you thought after the events of the last episode, Betty would stop trying to antagonise Ethel, you would be wrong, Betty starts telling all the girls who would listen about being the Gargoyle King’s new favourite and pushes Ethel to go to talk to the Gargoyle King with her. In that room, Betty leaves Ethel there to have her detox from The Fizzle Rocks and see that the Gargoyle King she thinks she is seeing while she has been with the Sisters is not real. Ethel says that even though the Gargoyle King she has been seeing there is not real, she has seen him in real life, when he came to visit her in the hospital. Betty gets Ethel to help her with getting the truth out of the Sisters and helps all the girls escape but she is too late.

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The Female Jones’:

Jughead and Archie arrive at Gladys Jones’ Junkyard with Jellybean (JB as she likes to be called). The reunion between Jughead and his mother is of course filled with tension as the last time he tried to get in contact with her she told him not to come visit her, maybe she was trying to stay clear of the judgemental eye that is Jughead when we realise that she strips cars (sometimes stolen) for money. Gladys tries to understand why Hiram would go after Archie so hard and the boys try to explain what has been happening. Penny comes looking for Archie, because Hiram put a bounty on his head, but is stopped by JB. Gladys then interrogates/tortures Penny for information about Hiram and revenge for what she did to Jughead. Gladys finally gets Jughead to see that the Hiram’s prize is not Archie but Riverdale and this whole ploy to get him out of town wasn’t to really kill him or Jughead but to remove them from the playing board and it succeeded as Archie changes his hair colour and makes way for the border with his father, Jughead makes way back to Riverdale with his father where they are met with armed guards who will not let them enter the town.

Well it seems like I was right, Hiram is not the Gargoyle King but he is working with him, maybe since the days of the Midnight Club but probably more recent and that means that he probably knows who the Gargoyle King is, whether or not the identity is important is irrelevant as the foreground problem is how Riverdale is going to get out from under Hiram’s control.

Rating: 8.6/10