Picking up straight where episode 8 left off, Kory, under some sort of trance tries to attack Rachel but is subdued by Donna Troy. Now I don’t know if maybe Kory was not expecting Donna or how strong she was but I was a little disappointed in how easy it was for her to subdue Kory.Screenshot (261)

Kory clearly is being tortured by her flashes of memories and seeing Kory as the current danger Dick and Donna follow Kory to where she has been keeping her spaceship. In the spaceship, Kory through remembering tells Dick and Donna about how she is from the planet Tamaran and how she was sent here to kill Rachel because of how Rachel is not just the daughter of Trigon, a being from another dimension, but also the doorway for him to return. If Trigon returns, his darkness won’t just spread through the Earth but eventually to Tamaran too and that is why extreme measures had to be taken, that being said I loved Anna Diop in the black suit in one of her flashbacks.

Rachel’s abilities have been without question the most unstable of the team but after her dealings with Kory, she starts to lose it on Gar even. Gar who has been dealing with the guilt of killing a man, trues to recover from Kory’s betrayal but seems to be seeing hallucinations and starts to get really sick. It is definitely the house they are in but it seems like he is the only one being exposed to it.Screenshot (267)

When Donna realises that Rachel’s mother Angela may be the one to lead Rachel to her father despite her previous claims, they all rush home but are too late as Rachel decides to let her father, Trigon, through the door to save Gar from whatever is going on with him, which we all suspect has something to do with the house and her mother. Trigon saves Gar and Rachel embraces him despite all that she has been told about him. Rachel definitely showed her naïve side and did not stick by the people who have been there for her but listened to her mother as if her mother somehow knows her.

Kory reveals that Rachel could stop her father but it would take intense training but her father seems to have plans to break her heart, maybe to drive her more towards the dark side or just because he wants to break her spirit down or maybe he just wants to get rid of her, either way there seems to be a reason why Donna and Kory were not able to enter the force field but Dick was, is it because he is human? Is it because he is super close with Rachel and her father plans on breaking her heart?

Screenshot (285)

Whatever Trigon has planned considering the hallucinations Gar saw before he became very sick, we have to assume that most of what happens in the next episode will be a figment of Dick’s mind. Dick will have to overcome his inner demons to get out of it and that clearly involves his issues with Bruce Wayne.

Rating: 8.6/10


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