Instead of a Christmas-like (Solstice-like) episode, where it stands on its own and often facilitates an introduction into the next season, we get a monster of the week type episode and we are left feeling underwhelmed from a show that has done so well in its first season for being creative and very well put together.

Sabrina who every holiday season is sad about the circumstance of her inability to be with her parents is even more blue this holiday as Zelda is distracted with baby Letitia and her recent break up with Harvey. Sabrina wants to contact her mother about help with navigating the lines between mortal and witch and is even more invigorated for help after her engagement with Harvey at school shows that he is still uncomfortable with who she is. I think Sabrina is being too eager to introduce her mortal friends and Harvey to her life as a witch and is not giving them enough time, she invites them to a séance and gives Harvey enchanted gifts and then gives Harvey’s father an enchanted Eggnog that will get him to stop drinking. I know, I know she is just trying to help him, ease his life better after what she did, or more so what she made Harvey do, but a gentler hand is needed.

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Not asking for help from her aunts, Sabrina starts a séance right when Ms Wardwell (Queen of Demons) puts out the log that would protect the house from evil spirits during Solstice. Yulelads are then found in the home and after some weird pranks and then a seriously almost tragic one (they put baby Letitia in an oven and warmed it up) Zelda makes a call for their mother to come take them but when she arrives she makes a play for Letitia but through some enchanting they are able to keep Letitia.

Susie who is excited about working as an elf for Santa falls prey to a demon who traps the souls of children in wax. The Spellman’s rush to save her after Roz informs them of her vision and Susie is saved. A B-plot that deserves little attention.

Harvey informs Sabrina that even though he appreciates the help, he would prefer it if she did not use magic around him, on him or even for him. This is obviously hard to take as he is basically saying that he does not accept her witch half and ever since she signed the book it is basically all of her now. Sabrina’s mother advised Sabrina earlier that that even though she loved her father, that asking someone to follow her down the witch path is not a good idea so hopefully she heads this and tries to be more into dating her kind (witches) maybe not Nick but other ones.

My only hope is that with the saving of Susie and Roz getting a grip on her visions that maybe her mortal friends would be more inclined to accept her and she can stop doing these cringe efforts to include them in her life. I feel like Sabrina needs to also take full benefit of her now mended relationship with the Weird Sisters and utilise them more for her problems, then again I wonder if they know about her mortal friends knowing she is a witch and if there will ever come a time in the next season where they are forced to interact.

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A disappointing episode for Miss Wardwell, it is also sad that Zelda won’t get to keep Letitia. I think the most disappointing thing of all is that when Sabrina had her mother in front of her she did not ask the serious questions about the decisions her parents made and whether or not signing the book was a bad idea.

Rating: 7.2/10