(The Flash, Supergirl, Arrow, DC’s Legends of Tomorrow)

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Although it was the first time that all the Arrowverse main characters were going to be together it seemed underwhelming in the fact that it was extremely judgemental and put too much spotlight on Barry’s timeline manipulation. I think making it about Barry manipulating the timeline helped bring in the Legends and their time-ship (The Waverider) but it really felt forced.


(Supergirl and The Flash) 

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Setup as a clear way to fix the relationship problems of the main characters, this episode brought more levity to The Flash’s very dark season. It also brought forth a very strong magical creature that should be explored more in the future if it can be done (Music Meister). This episode is slightly better than the Invasion crossover because it brought us The West-Allen anthem which Kara ended up singing at their wedding and gave us the best proposal over ALL the Arrowverse shows.

Heroes Join Forces:

(Arrow and The Flash)

This crossover gave us our Arrowverse introduction into Hawkgirl and Hawkman when Barry and Team Flash run to Star City when faced with a formidable foe in Vandal Savage. Even Malcolm Merlyn seemed worried about him.

The Brave and The Bold:

(Arrow and The Flash)

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Team Flash takes a trip to Star City and is given a wakeup call into how things work in darker cities and how they maybe need to take things more seriously.

World’s Finest:

(Supergirl and The Flash)

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If you like the levity that The Flash brought to the Arrowverse then you are going to love the interactions and mishaps that occur when Barry accidently gets stuck on Earth-38 and meets Supergirl for the first time.

Crisis on Earth-X:

(Supergirl, Arrow, The Flash and DC’s Legends of Tomorrow)

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This crossover spanned over a longer period of time and it had such a good premise (Nazi’s attacking Barry and Iris’ wedding) but lacked depth in characters besides that of Felicity and Oliver. That being said it set up The Ray and lead to many funny scenes between the one night stand participants Alex Danvers and Sara Lance. I think that anything including Reverse Flash is amazing though and as a Flash fan, it definitely left me with excitement. Still not cool with Oliver and Felicity hijacking my West-Allen wedding though.

Flash Vs Arrow:

(The Flash and Arrow)

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I don’t think any mini crossover will ever beat Oliver trying to train Barry into being a better hero especially because it leads to an altercation between Green Arrow and The Flash but it showed that sometimes Oliver can take himself too seriously. I also love that it set up the fact that Diggle will never be cool with super speed.


(The Flash, Arrow, Supergirl and Batwoman)

This crossover is probably the most well thought out of all the crossovers and because of that I understood the fact that the Legends were left out because, with such an intricate set up and the fact that they finally included more of Supergirl characters, there really wasn’t any room for some of the B-heroes that Legends have. This crossover was an excellent setup and definitely has us interested in the Gotham set up and the future of the multiverse and time. I like the ominous surroundings of the crossover and it also set up an opportunity for more mini crossovers to occur with Batwoman.

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