Jennifer and Khalil are still on the run but as expected Khalil is not getting far because of his injury because it is poisoned. Jennifer gets in control and steals Khalil some medication from the hospital but realises that her father and sister on right on her trail, what she doesn’t realise is that the assassin sent by Tobias is on her trail as well. Jennifer finally has a moment of clarity and I think it is extremely impressive that she was able to sense the electricity coming off of the body of assassin and see where she is and what she was doing in the dark parts of the woods, even more impressive when you find out that she did that without the gear that Black Lightning uses to do the same thing. Jennifer definitely has the most potential out of all the Pierce’s and if she keeps going down the road she is, she may be giving her father and sister a run for their money. That being said we know that eventually she gets her suit sometime this season and so it is important to see her powers evolve and see if she can find her way home especially because she seems so attached to this Bonnie and Clyde routine her and Khalil have going. I hope that Jennifer finding her way home isn’t because she experiences something tragic but considering Tobias’ relentlessness, you would think that it cannot end any other way.

Tensions run high as everyone (Jefferson, Anissa, Lynn and Gambi) is looking for Jennifer and Khalil especially when they realise that Khalil is injured and the assassin is on their trail. While Lynn uses information given to her by Khalil’s mother to track down Khalil’s father, she seems to be struggling with the morality line as she searches for her daughter and dealing with the death of so many of the pod kids. Jefferson, being worried about what Jennifer and Anissa have become, becomes even more determined to find the Jennifer and Khalil even going as far as trying to use his powers in broad daylight without his suit on. This decision is not received well by Gambi who puts his foot down as the guardian of Jefferson and an altercation between the two arises. Anissa tries to calm them down and using their suits track down the barn where Jennifer and Khalil were before Jennifer was able to get the antidote for Khalil and them and the assassin escaped. When Black Lightning and Thunder arrive they only see the ends of an altercation but no bodies and Lynn then assumes the worst about the wellbeing of Jennifer. Even if Jennifer comes back home, I think her running away exposed some cracks in the family structure and it will be very hard for them to get back to normal.

Meanwhile for Tobias, things are proceeding as normal as he sets his eyes on a gifted student Todd, who was just passed over for a grant and is clearly in need. I think Tobias is very much like the people he likes to judge, he uses kids who are clearly in need to do his horrible bidding and gets very upset that those kids, kids that used to be good members of society are not always willing to fill up their end of the bargain, like Khalil. Whatever Tobias wants Todd to do, I can’t help but feel like it has something to do with his suspicions about the Pierce family but his expertise are in encryption so maybe it is just a way for Tobias to hide his money and business dealings from the authorities.

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Rating: 7.0/10