With Titans Season 1 finale wrapped up there have been some things that need to be analysed about the series so far, basically what worked, what didn’t and things the showrunners need to fix before we get excited about Season 2 of the show.

The set-up of the show:

When Titans production began we were told that the progress of the show would be like one long movie and although there were some attempts at making it a very drawn out plot we instead got more disconnected episodes and plot than that of its other DC TV show counterparts, namely The Flash or Arrow. If the show wants to be a staple in the DC TV show community, we need to get invested, not just in the characters but in the villains as well. How do you introduce the main villain in the episode before the season finale? How do you have a Season 1 finale without having centric episodes for the WHOLE team?

Garfield Logan/Beast Boy:


This show had episodes where it focused on Donna Troy, Jason Todd and 2 episodes focused on Hawk and Dove but no episodes that dealt with Garfield Logan and don’t mistake the episode of Doom Patrol for his episode because it was not. Garfield has insane ability but no one has really touched on it. Instead of focusing on him they have taken a core member of the team and made him a supporting character throughout the show. Just disappointing.

Dick Grayson:


Okay we get it Dick Grayson (Nightwing) is the leader of the team but putting him the forefront of every single episode, does nothing but take away from other characters in the show, who no offense, but have better stories to be told and more interesting abilities. Instead of having he just be a leader we are forced to endure the show trying to be relevant by bringing up his time as a sidekick TOO MUCH. I even thought that the episode with Donna Troy was going to be about her experiences and then at least we were going to get a break from him but again it was about him.

Wrong use of episode flashbacks:

When the show did a flashback to Hank and Dawn I was expecting something in the same vain for Kory because frankly that would have made a better episode than the one we got. The show could have actually done parallel scenes with one in the past and one in the present in the same way they showed how Dick got Tony Zucco killed but another missed opportunity. Flashback scenes are great tools for people like Kory and Gar who their present problems are being informed by their past and it could also show depictions of why they are stuck.