We are immediately thrust into a world we know is not real because of the events of the previous episode.

Dick is married to Dawn and have a son with another child on the way, when he is visited by Jason Todd who tells him about how Commissioner Gordon was killed and now Bruce has gone off the rails because of Dick leaving then Alfred dying and now Commissioner Gordon. Jason and Dawn are eventually able to convince Dick into heading to Gotham – which has gone to hell, more than usual – to talk some sense into Bruce. When Batman almost beats the Joker half to death he tries to talk to Bruce but after Batman finishes the Joker off and then kills The Riddler and Two-Face and countless other prisoners and guards at Arkham Asylum Dick eventually reveals Batman’s real identity. Dick eventually has to kill Batman himself and then we realise it was all a ploy by Trigon to get Dick to dig into his dark side. It was a cool episode, just not necessary.

With this episode revolving around Dick and a fake life that forces him back to Gotham and is really ALL about his issues with Batman, we could not have had the worst episode of the series. To take a series that is supposed to be an ensemble and have the finale be about one person and take all the work that has been done to build up characters and their abilities to push them to the side for an entire episode was not just disappointing but also reckless.

Titans best episodes (excluding DOOM PATROL & Hank and Dawn) were the ones where there was some story forwarding the current plot but more than that, there were the ones, like Origins and Koriand’r were even though they were about one of the members, they included other members in the episode.

This episode would have worked better if there was some sort flash back to reality where we could see what Kory and Donna were doing to try and get into the house or what Rachel and Gar are doing now that Gar is well again or even what Hank and Dawn are doing as they try to find Jason Todd.

With this episode clawing at relevance with its immersion in all things Batman and his villains it missed great opportunities to take a forward step into the future of the show or at least show us direction because instead of unifying a sort of disconnected series (so far) it just left us wanting more than we got.

Rating: 6.2/10

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