This episode gave us a look into what Gotham has become since the bridges in the city were blown out and most of it was evacuated.

Penguin, to no surprise, has become extremely powerful, he owns and manufactures weapons and rules his people with an iron fist. Barbara and Tabitha own the Sirens club where women can go for shelter and men are charged. Jonathan Crane, The Scarecrow, has a following and no one has heard from Jeremiah Valeska in a while. Jim Gordon is doing his best to keep the remaining civilians safe and fed but with the government refusing to help and the criminals stealing their supplies, the civilians are becoming restless. Jim is very stoic in his beliefs this episode. Jim has often struggled with his inner demons but since Gotham has basically gone to hell, he uses every means necessary to protect his people. Being around Jim and the GCPD is a refreshing atmosphere of hope compared to the rest of the city. Although Jim was no help when Penguin killed Tabitha and Barbara looks ready to go to war with Penguin. I would think that this is not going to be good for the people of Gotham.

Bruce and Selena struggle with her condition worsening. Bruce struggles watching Selena suffer like this because it is fault in a way. See Jeremiah shot Selena because he knew that it would make Bruce suffer and Selena may not be dead but her condition puts her in a position that she cannot deal with. Selena is paralysed, this is difficult for her to deal with because she has spent her life on the streets, using her abilities to survive. Selena never liked being dependent on anyone and now that she is paralysed, she is going to have to depend on Bruce and even though they are friends, this is not who she is and even though it is a surprise, Selena tries to end her suffering and Bruce realises that Selena is in need of ‘extra’ help and decides he is going to take her to see ‘The Witch’. Who is with me in guessing that Ivy is ‘The Witch’? I mean Ivy was able to bring Selena back from the brink of death before she took that weird potion so it is not a stretch to assume she can heal her spine. The only thing is that Ivy was crazy before all of this so what is she going to want from them in exchange?

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This episode left us with many questions:

  • Who shot down the Wayne helicopter?
  • What is Ed/The Riddler up to?
  • Where has Jeremiah been this whole time?
  • Who has been killing people on the other side of town?
  • Who are the allies across the river?
  • What is going to happen to Gotham?

Rating: 7.0/10


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