This episode brought a sense of hope for Gotham City as they continue to deal with circumstances.

Jim Gordon is seen as a beacon of hope but not just to the people of Gotham but to us as the viewers. We know when we see him on the screen that some sort of good is happening and I think that ever since the city has gone down the drain many of the outside authorities realize how much he does for the city and what bad could happen without him there. Jim tries to rescue some kids from a gang that is using them as workers to sort of dig a tunnel. These guys want to be the only source in and out of Gotham and it is a good idea in concept but not execution. Jim comes up against many obstacles of people who are trying to kill him for the bounty and one trying to kill him to eat him (No lie, that was a weird one).

I was hoping that we would get to see more of the city as Jim and Bullock travel to rescue the kids but we do see how some of the people are living and it’s as dark as before the city was on lockdown. Using the help of Barbara, the children are saved and Jim is now sort of in her debt and we all know what Barbara wants at this point in time: To kill Penguin. I think Jim is going to have to make a choice whether it will be his head or the head of Penguin because Barbara won’t forget and Penguin wants to kill him anyway. Penguin always gets what he wants Tabitha and Butch are the perfect examples of that, I hope Jim remembers that too.

It is funny how Penguin is not in the episode considering how many people are making plans and moves to take him on or down. Ed seems to be struggling with his other side because he has no idea of the plan but it seems that he is trying to point all targets at Penguin.

Bruce goes to ‘The Witch’ to help Selina and with no surprise ‘The Witch’ is revealed to be Ivy. Ivy seems like she is being locked away because of all the people she has murdered but Bruce seems to believe in her story about being hunted. Now, this might be super naive on the part of Bruce but it also might be because of the way the men outside were talking about Ivy, they sounded deranged and besides Bruce was desperate. After letting Ivy out she kills the men outside and sort of feeds them to her plants. Bruce tries to provoke Ivy after she refuses to help Selina but Ivy decides to help her but Bruce and even Alfred have reservations about it.

Selina decides to believe in the little girl in Ivy she once knew and takes the medicine. Selina seems to be all healed and she finally has a sense of hope back in her and it is definitely exciting to see. Selina is holding out hope for the Ivy she once knew but I can’t help but be happy about Ivy slipping more into the Poison Ivy role she is nearly there.

Happiness about Selina’s improving conditions is short-lived when you see her eyes change to resemble a cat and remember what Ivy told Bruce about how the medicine would only bring Selina’s true nature out. I hope she doesn’t get mean but I would definitely like to see a stronger, more agile and flexible Selina Kyle in the future episodes. It has been something that we have been waiting on for a while.

Rating: 7.4/10