On this week’s episode of Grown-ish, Zoey is caught in a dilemma: She sees Doug (Jazz’s boyfriend) at a kickback without Jazz when they have a Relationship Rule about not attending kickbacks without each other. Now Zoey finds herself in a situation as there is an unspoken rule within their group about informing the friend when you see their boyfriend/girlfriend doing something their not supposed to. Zoey decides not to tell because she believes that Doug is not doing anything shady and therefore telling Jazz would just start drama in their relationship, Jazz finds out about it anyway and gets mad at Zoey. Zoey apologizes at the end of the episode but a lot of people online have been saying that she wasn’t in the wrong. Was she wrong?

In my opinion:

Zoey was wrong.

Zoey never knew that she might have a problem with said Relationship Rule but when she was put in that situation she talked to Ana and Nomi and even they encouraged her to tell Jazz. Why? Because if you have a problem with your friends’ Relationship Rules that connect to you then you should follow it but later bring up how it put you in an uncomfortable position. That way you don’t break your friend’s trust and you can work on a compromise. I understand not wanting to start drama especially when you feel like your friend’s boyfriend/girlfriend is not doing anything shady but they agreed to the rule and therefore are doing something wrong in terms of the relationship boundaries. Maybe Zoey wouldn’t want Doug to always feel uncomfortable around her, like she is always watching him, but you have to prioritise your friend’s feelings first.