This episode was used to set up what could possibly be the beginning of the new younger Rouges we were promised and setup of dominoes that won’t just fall during the season but in the future of the characters’ lives.

Nora working with Thawne:

It seems that even though Thawne is in jail and Nora knows that he is her father’s archnemesis she has been getting help from him on how to time travel and spend time with her father. Thawne is in jail and has spent his time wondering about his own legacy, see he says that he doesn’t want to be known forever as the Reverse Flash but he was driven crazy about the thought that he could never be The Flash. Maybe he went to the future and saw himself becoming the villain instead of the hero and that drove him to the dark side.

Thawne’s change of heart seems sudden to us but remember that he has been around for a long time and he’s probably been in that jail cell for a long time too. Whether or not Thawne is lying to Nora or using her or he really is trying to atone for his crimes seems irrelevant to the fact that he seems he is on deadline. Thawne is racing against a clock and is trying to help Nora, now the cynic in me is thinking that he probably is using this as a loophole to get himself out of this situation but it could actually be that he wants to be a better person before whatever is about to happen to him happens.

Anyway, Nora’s anger over Thawne’s past evil doings has her not in the right mindset to trust in Jocelyn (Weather Witch) when the young delinquent tries to become a better person. Weather Witch and Silver Ghost get away but not before Jocelyn saves Nora’s life. Solidifying The West-Allens as people that believe in people and give them second chances.

The Metahuman Cure:

Caitlin is finally able to get all the shards of Cicada’s dagger out of his hands and Cisco realizes that the dagger was actively trying to remove his powers so the dagger’s particles can actually be used to create a sort of metahuman cure. Caitlin and Killer Frost are not happy that Cisco is working on a cure but Cisco points out that they turned people into metahumans against their will and should be given a choice of whether they want to stay that way. Cisco does not mention the metahumans who died at the hands of The Thinker but my mind went there, those metahumans were the most innocent and were killed for their abilities.

Cisco talks about his future and about how unlike Barry, he doesn’t want his legacy wrapped up in being Vibe, a metahuman hero. Caitlin promises to help Cisco create a cure as long as he promises not to use it on anyone against their will and it is a healthy compromise because I can understand both of their sides.

With all this talk about a cure, I can’t help but think that maybe this is what is about to happen to Thawne, that he is about to be stripped of his abilities (given the cure). Let’s just say that after The Flash goes missing, Central City becomes overrun with metahumans and even though maybe Kid Flash, Killer Frost, and the Elongated Man try to help, more and more villains keep popping up. Maybe that is when the city decides to start giving the really bad villains like the Reverse Flash a sort of powers lethal injection AKA the metahuman cure. Thawne could be plotting his way out of it or just trying to redeem himself before he becomes a normal person again.

It would be amazing to see the Reverse Flash get tried and convicted for his crimes in a future episode but I think him and Nora are going to come up against an obstacle that is Sherloque, who has been very suspicious of Nora and has been investigating her and her diary. It is very interesting to note that Sherloque found out that Nora deleted all information about herself from the system. Did she do that because of her working with Thawne or for another nefarious reason?

Rouges: Silver Ghost & Weather Witch

Rating: 7.2/10