This episode dealt with the aftermath of the midseason finale and how the characters are surviving with no more answers to many of the questions they had.


Archie has been keeping busy while he has been in a sort of exile in Canada and I can’t but wonder where is curious side is. Like where is the guy who used to chase down stories with Veronica, Betty, and Jughead? Although we are happy that he is now safe and Hiram Lodge seems to have forgotten about him, his distance is making it easier for his friends to forget about him too, well at least put him to the back of their minds. Archie seems to be making no progress in his return to Riverdale and considering the state the police found him in, he will be back in jail in no time. I am just hoping that his thoughts that he has to take on all of Hiram and his gang, alone, goes away.


Betty is housing many of the Sisters of Quiet Mercy kids who were being tested on with Fizzle Rocks. Although a noble effort, Betty’s mother, Alice, keeps suggesting that they go to The Farm. Now, this farm is another question that needs answering, what goes on there? Betty has been so worried about Griffins & Gargoyles and the Sisters of Quiet Mercy, she is ignoring the quite obvious red flag and a cult-like entity that is The Farm. Despite her plan of arrangements for the kids, they are eventually taken to The Farm before Betty can tell them about their new homes. Betty has also been trying to get the Nuns to testify to Hiram’s involvement of the activities at The Sisters of Quiet Mercy but just when it seems like they are convinced, they commit suicide instead. No surprise there. I think Betty needs to come at Hiram a different way.

Jughead & Veronica:

Jughead and Veronica are having the same problem: Hiram. Veronica is dealing with her club and her dad trying to shake her down for a protection fee from his own Gargoyle Gang, they beat up Reggie to get their message across. Veronica usually knows better than to try and play her father and again underestimates just how much her father is aware of her business and it’s dealings, he is the King after all. Jughead is dealing with the Serpents who are committing crimes like Cheryl and Toni who rob the rich and Fangs, who has started dealing Fizzle Rocks for money. Jughead blames himself for being away but at the end of the day, the Serpents were struggling long before the quarantine and now Hiram has more control and his own gang and doesn’t see the threat of the Serpents anymore. Jughead and Veronica put their resources together and Veronica pays the Serpents to be her clubs protection instead. Seems like a great plan but it really seems like a fight is brewing.

Hiram Lodge is going to do everything he can to bring Archie back to justice, evade a conviction, end the Serpents once and for all and finally bring Veronica back into his web. I think the group (Archie, Betty, Veronica, and Jughead) are finding out that maybe, bringing down a masked serial killer was easier than a villain who bathes in the spotlight. That being said, I am looking forward to the dynamics between Veronica and Reggie (who are together now. YAY!) and Veronica and Jughead (that is a pairing we have often seen more at odds than anything else). It is also nice to see a sort of spy situation happening with Fangs, it would be nice to know what is happening in Hiram’s operation and to see more of Drew Ray Tanner.

Rating: 7.3/10