This episode dealt with the many faults of the Haven Gordon has built and how eager Bruce is to have the old Selina back.

It was not about if the gangs were ever going to invade Gordon’s section of Gotham, named Haven, it was about when and apparently that was now. With his staff escaping to Haven, Penguin decides it is time to kill Jim Gordon and reclaim his position as the one and only savior of Gotham. Penguin has always been testy when it came to Jim Gordon but it seems that after Gordon shot him and everyone keeps running away to Gordon, Penguin is more sensitive about him than ever.

Gordon hears about the impending attack and sends Bullock to recruit Barbara, this should have been done quicker as Barbara obviously would have interfered on Gordon’s behalf if she could get a piece at Penguin. All that seems to be for nothing though as Haven got mysteriously blown up. This entity could not have been Penguin of Barbara as both were right there, so a third party has to be considered. It could just be someone crazy like Scarecrow or Jeremiah but both are one to sign their work and blowing up Haven does nothing for them in terms of gaining followers r turning the city mad. The obvious suspect then has to be the same person who took down the Wayne Enterprises helicopter carrying supplies into the city in episode 1.

Bruce is happy to see Selina up and about, walking and talking like normal but lazily tries and fails at talking her out of going to confront Jeremiah. Selina is obviously trying to get back at Jeremiah for shooting her but more than that she is suffering from nightmares and we are not clear about whether that has to do with the shooting or Ivy’s cure. Selina has become more violent (can you blame her?) and I can’t help but wonder that the only reason Bruce stuck with her after that was to keep her from going over the edge.

Selina and Bruce scuffle with some kill gang on the streets of the city and are lead to what seems to be a sort of church of Jeremiah. After an altercation with what can only be a version of Harley Quinn (otherwise what was the point of the ‘Puddin’ drop?), Bruce realizes how vicious Selina has become in her efforts and Selina realizes Bruce is not going to help her anymore, so she cuffs and leaves him. I am sad to see them fight but I am so ready to Selina embrace more of a darker Tabitha-like essence and she can’t do that with Bruce around. Hopefully, she finds her way to Barbara and she can get on track to being like that though. It is definitely going to be hard for Bruce to deal with what Selina has done but separation was definitely needed for both of them.

Rating: 7.5/10