This season premiere gave us a quick and nice reminder of why we loved this show so much, without a doubt is one of the only shows able to balance emotion and dramatic action with such ease.

The episode begins right where we left off as the USS Discovery is being hailed by the USS Enterprise. Captain Pike comes aboard and immediately takes emergency command of Discovery for a mission that involves mysterious distress signals that the Enterprise got before it was damaged. They are able to get the remaining crew members of USS Hiawatha which went missing during the war but were kept alive by the engineering officer Reno. When Pike entered I was caught off-guard, of course from the promos we found out that the character is a Captain but he definitely changed the tone of all Discovery crew members when he entered. He was definitely not a replacement for Lorca but instead Tyler, well the human side of Tyler before all the Voq drama. Pike brings levity to everyone around him especially Burnham who you can see already is eager to please and yet he is not without a firm hand but definitely more human than Lorca and we can see just how many red flags Lorca should have given us.

There is tension within Burnham once the Enterprise was brought up and she found out that some of their crew was coming aboard Discovery but we later find out that Spock took a leave of absence. Pike has no idea why and we see that Burnham was actually not dreading seeing her foster brother but actually eager. Burnham states that it is her fault that she and Spock are not close and investigates his quarters to maybe get a sense of him, there she discovers that he was plagued with nightmares about the distress signals before he left the Enterprise. I am not going to lie, I hope that the show does not use Spock as a crutch this season as Titans did with Batman.

Considering the writers of the show are a lot better than most shows I am expecting more insight into whether Stamets really leaves and how Tilly gets more assertive in her leadership role. I am excited to see how the show tackles the Spock situation and getting more insight into how Burnham was raised would be amazing because I am interested to see how the dynamics of them growing up created said dynamics presently.

Rating: 7.8/10

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