This episode was action packed but more substantial occurred during the quieter moments.

Because Orlin was outed as Cicada he has been in hiding but now, with more help, he is able to get back on mission and starts killing metahumans on a list supplied by a friend to his cause in the police department. Now, this is not going to be the first time Cicada gets help because his cause is one that many in Central City can get behind but the irony in people wanting to get rid of metahumans and using one to do it should not be lost on us. Cicada usually gets the best of Team Flash, often making their plans go awry but this episode we saw their plan get executed well enough and everyone walked away well enough. I wonder what is going to happen to all those metahuman criminals but I am sure there are more living in Central City and I am pretty sure that many of those same escaped metahumans will find their way back to Central City.

Cicada was pitched to us by Nora as a formidable villain and don’t get me wrong he is a beast of a guy. Cicada can take on all of Team Flash and be the victor if only he was a lot smarter. See Cicada reminds me of Zoom whereas Zoom’s excuse for doing crazy things was that he was actually crazy, Cicada just seems like a guy who was never intelligent, to begin with and has been letting his anger and new found power guide him. Cicada is formidable in a fight, yes but he is far and wide not season-villain worthy. I have mentioned before in a previous post about how Cicada can build followers and become a sort of force to be reckoned with but he seems to be like that force will not be happening this season so even though it seems like he has turned his attention towards Nora/XS, it may just end in an underwhelming fight or resolution.

With Nora’s back broken by Cicada, we get to see Barry and Iris behave in a way we haven’t seen before. Usually, Barry is the level-headed one, the one who tries to see the bright side or still tries to do the right thing and Iris is the angry one. This episode we watched Iris care for her daughter, while Barry was driven to complete anger for the first since Savitar and this episode was kind of way to show how people can do crazy things when they are angry but giving into the angry is the line that should never be crossed. To be honest, Cicada is not like many other villains we have come across, he is not Captain Cold or Grodd or even The Thinker, he is not a guy who is smarter than Team Flash so why does he keep getting away? Because the focus of the team is just not there.

Team Flash is disjointed in priorities and this episode just emphasized that. When the team came up with a smart plan to help people get away from Cicada, it worked so clearly everyone is just not putting enough attention into capturing him. Nora is useless in this regard because Cicada is never caught so she has no future insight on how to get him and she is too busy getting to know her parents. Iris and Barry are trying to get to know their daughter and have day jobs. Cisco is working on the cure because he doesn’t want to be a metahuman forever. Caitlin/Killer Frost is helping Cisco with the metahuman cure but also have to think about their father walking around with his alter ego that has taken over. Sherloque is the only one who has a clear mission but it seems that involves figuring out what Nora is up to, who she is working with and such. Of course Sherloques’ snooping skills are not unseen by Iris (who shared second place with Caitlin/Killer Frost in terms of performance this episode) when she gets all protective mother and basically tells Sherloque to stop but he doesn’t and his suspicions are confirmed when the computer reveals that the journal Nora has been carrying around, comprised of a time language that she said she made up, has two distinct styles of writing.

Caitlin struggles with Killer Frost this episode because Killer Frost was scared that Caitlin may want to get rid of her someday but we know that after all Caitlin has been through Killer Frost is a part of her and she has been happy sharing that life with her, it was weird to see her talking to herself (Killer Frost) but Danielle pulled it off well. I am also happy that we got to see more of Ralph and Killer Frost because that was a combination I loved last year.

Performance of the episode goes to Cecil who, with her abilities, has become sort of the replacement for Joe. She lectures and guides but also we got to see more of her doing her lawyer thing and it was gooood.

Overall a welcome episode but please let this be stepping stone into what has to be a different villain. Maybe bringing Icicle back is not such a bad idea. Also, it would be so great to see Wally again. I was disappointed that he and Jesse and Jay Garrick did not get cameos in the 100th episode.

Rating: 7.7/10