While Jennifer and Khalil’s decision to run from their lives in Freeland lead to Jennifer to get a better handle on her powers, the premise of the last two episodes has felt more and more like filler episodes so I was more than ready to count out this episode as well but was given a happy surprise.

Jennifer and Khalil are still on the run but because of the circumstances of the last episode they did not get too far with both Jennifer’s family and Tobias’ assassin on their trail. Jennifer and Khalil make a stop at what was Khalil’s secret home while he was working with Tobias. Now, as much as the circumstances that led up to Khalil working with Tobias and all Khalil has done, you would think that Jennifer would be more afraid of him than comfortable but in that abandoned train, I couldn’t help but hope for a romantic moment between them. I was disappointed though.

Jennifer talks about how this is not how and where she wants to be with Khalil and it is then that Lynn, who forced herself into helping to look for Jennifer, comes by an makes a speech about how her family needs her home. Now I know that this was supposed to be a heartfelt moment but I couldn’t help but find myself madder at Jennifer than anything because she has not let her family know how she is doing. Lynn’s speech works and Jennifer decides to come home WITH Khalil.

Khalil mentions how he knows about the Pierce family’s extra-curricular activities (Jefferson being Black Lightning and Thunder being Anissa), of course, we know that Jennifer didn’t tell him but he is not a dumb guy, he clearly just connected the dots. Jefferson convinces Khalil to turn himself in knowing that the only way he can be protected is if he agrees to testify against Tobias. Khalil turns himself in but before he is transferred he is scooped up by Tobias’ assassin, leaving a large number of dead cops in her trail. Anyone rather impressed by that? Just me? Okay.

Khalil finds himself back in the hands of the severely violent Tobias and Tobias did what he said he would do: he ripped the spinal implant out of Khalil’s body. It’s surprising that Khalil did not die, that Tobias just returned him back to Freeland, right in front of the church and all of this happened in such a short amount of time. Maybe in real-time, it was hours apart but what it looked like was Khalil went from being on the run to turning himself in, saying goodbye to his mother, being police custody, getting caught and brought to Tobias and then being left for dead in front of a church all in one night. It’s a lot, not just for Khalil but for us too. Maybe it was time to conclude this chapter of the story but saving the most exciting parts of it for the last bit of this episode felt rushed. They had three episodes of this arc. The time was not used well.

Everything is coming up Tobias as he gives his new recruit, a task: unlock the secrets of the dead Proctor’s suitcase. This suitcase held all the secrets of the ASA and although Tobias has been able to get some information off of it he needed to get passed some serious cybersecurity to get more. Todd is able to break through and we find out that the ASA was looking for 4 “Supermetas” that were given the original vaccine. Todd is not able to locate them but he knows that they are in Freeland.

Knowing that Jefferson was one of those given the original vaccine, could Tobias be going down a path that leads to Jefferson? Cause if he becomes aware that Jefferson took the vaccine, it won’t be long til he knocks down the Pierce’s door looking for Black Lightning. We already know Tobias is suspicious of them.

Rating: 7.0/10