This episode made bold moves ahead in the lives of each main character and we see the end of one of our favourite couples.

Archie, after surviving a bear attack, makes his way home. Everyone is excited, of course, but I can’t help but bring up my point, again, about how everyone had sort of moved on while he was away. Archie, through all he has been through, was definitely the weakness of this episode. Archie spent his time trying to get back to a normal routine but still carrying the weight of all the things that have happened.

Now was I surprised that Veronica took him back so quickly? Yes. She was under no obligation to reunite with him. When he left, he left her heartbroken and more than that she told him that if he did leave, that they were done so why so rushed to take Archie back? Guilt. Veronica clearly felt guilty about being with Reggie while Archie was away struggling and do not get me wrong, she does care for him but a lot has happened since he has been away and in Reggie, Veronica found a partner in every sense of the word.

Reggie lets it slip that he and Veronica were a thing to Archie and he is hurt but he seems to understand. Veronica wants to talk about it and their relationship but Archie just wants to be with her and they sleep together, postponing the confrontation of their issues. Now, many people have said that their relationship is purely based on the physical but after all, Veronica has done for Archie and vice versa, I actually think they are a normal beautiful couple (besides her father being a sadistic villain bent on Archie’s downfall). After Hiram gets shot Veronica is worried that maybe Archie did it and Archie is hurt that she would think that but can you blame her? Archie has clearly changed and so has Veronica, things don’t stop just because you are not there and Veronica and Archie have just gone in different directions at this point. The end of their romance is the worst especially because I wonder what this could mean for the foursome of Betty, Veronica, Jughead, and Archie. Is Reggie going to join?

Betty is putting all her efforts into studying for the SAT’s but her stress levels are increased by the fact that her mother drained her college fund and gave it to The Farm. Betty has to go to her father, who is in prison, to get him to sign a document saying that Alice forged his signature and that she had no right to drain Betty’s college fund, that way she can get some of it back. Betty finds herself tricked into visiting her father more but eventually, after finding her mom and all the people of The Farm taking over her home, Betty finds solace in her crazy serial killer father. See that however you may, I mean she has a dark side and loves giving into it sometimes.

Jughead is still bent on finding out who the Gargoyle King is and using Fangs, is able to confront what seems to be the Gargoyle King or the person posing as him: Tall Boy. It is surprising that Tall Boy is alive but more than that, how did he find himself under the Gargoyle King’s mask? Jughead makes Tall Boy call Hiram for a meeting to expose him as the man behind all this destruction but Hiram is smarter than that and sends Claudius in his place. Maybe Hiram did that because of the resistance Claudius gave him about becoming sheriff but it all doesn’t matter because after Claudius is found dead and Hiram is shot, Hermione appoints FP as the sheriff. From the exchange between Hermione and FP it may seem that they were planning this for a long time.

So many questions, like who shot Hiram? Was it Hermione? It does seem like she was getting tired of his controlling ways. Did Fangs and Sweet Pea really kill Tall Boy by accident? Will FP find out about how his son covered up for Fangs and Sweet Pea? Was Tall Boy really the Gargoyle King? I doubt the Gargoyle Gang would run off and leave him there if he was. What does Betty’s father hope to gain from her coming to see him? Is Archie going to keep drinking away his problems? Why is no one investigating the cult-like Farm that seems to be creeping its way into Riverdale? Was it someone from The Farm that shot Hiram? They were rivals in the bid to buy The Sisters of Quiet Mercy building. Are we ever going to get back to what Riverdale is good at? Which is when the main characters are chasing a mystery.

Rating: 7.2/10