Gordon struggles to keep the people of Gotham calm as this episode picks up right after the last episode. The officers that are left dig through the rubble but not many people or things are left and Penguin uses this to capitalise on his gaining favourable public popularity. Gordon has always felt like the city is on his shoulders but for obvious reasons (Gotham being cut off and the government refusing to help), the guilt and pressure are weighing him down.

The people are looking for justice for what to their Haven and when information that the bomber could be, none other than Victor Zsaz, the people including Penguin want Zsaz’s head. After Lucius using the help of Nygma finds out that the person who caused the explosion was not Zsaz, he tries to inspire hope in the people by using logic. It was a good attempt but Zsaz was a gangster before so he probably was not going to escape their rath whether they believed Gordon or not. Nygma meanwhile starts to get insight into what his alter ego has been up to and finds out that it was actually him that blew up Haven. Nygma kills the woman who was a witness but this does not give insight into what his other self has planned.

Gordon saves Zsaz and lets him free not before challenging him to a duel but Zsaz backs out and it becomes clear that Gordon is suffering and looking for ways to ease this headache that is the current state of Gotham. I mean the man went back to Barbara, a woman who despite her helping him out every once in a while is still crazy and all that is going to happen is that Gordon is going to make dark decisions again. Whenever Barbara enters Gordon’s life like this that is all it leads to and he may start making decisions he regrets especially considering people left him for Penguin’s care. Of course, Penguin loves this but being a villain, he will never be accepted by the people the way he wants and when is he going to realise that?

Bruce is found by Alfred and is more determined than ever to save Selina from herself. Now I was extremely upset by the way Alfred talked about Selina to Bruce especially considering we spent what was almost 3 full seasons of Bruce wanting to find his parents’ killer, and then who organised their crime and then why. The judgement was downright nauseating as Bruce even left being with Selina to investigate his parents’ death in Season 2. Bruce understands where Selina is coming from and instead of trying to stop her, he could meet her halfway.

Bruce is too late as Selina finally gets her revenge on Jeremiah who apparently was the one running the guys digging the tunnel to get out of Gotham. Which is weird considering Gotham is in chaos and I thought he would love that but Jeremiah despite his recruitment of cult members and actions of last season, seems to be struggling with what can only be conflicting ideas in his head. That makes sense as became this because of the gas his brother made for him and through all that he still struggled with being bad. We know his main appeal is that he is crazy but Jeremiah does not seem to be hitting the same note that Jerome did. Maybe it will take some getting used to maybe the show needs to decide who takes focus this season but we can’t have two villains (Nygma and Jeremiah) with conflicting personalities, one of them is going to have to resolve that soon.

Selina should be at peace after this right? Is Jeremiah dead? Will Penguins popularity remain? I do not think so. The only thing I hope is that whoever has the big plan for this city namely, Nygma or Jeremiah or whoever needs to make their plans known otherwise Gotham will lose it’s appeal real soon. That being said, it was nice seeing the little dance between Jeremiah and his partner (let’s call her Harley for now), it reminded me a lot of the Batman animated tv show which makes sense considering Cameron Monaghan said he was doing a more Hamill-like Joker.

Rating: 7.0/10