Burnham takes her concerns about her brother, dreaming of the mysterious signals before they appeared, to Captain Pike, who informs her that Spock is in a psychiatric unit and did not want any of his family members to know. I am not surprised that Spock thought he was crazy, because for someone that is half Vulcan, dealing with emotions fo fear can probably be of a cause of concern than for other beings. I wonder what happened between Spock and Burnham, she may not be the best at communicating but maybe it was just old-fashioned sibling rivalry.

Discovery follows another mysterious signal, that sounds like a call for help. They have to use the spore drive to reach it and that requires Stamets. Stamets is obviously not happy about having to be used to jump because when he entered the spore realm he saw Hugh and he really doesn’t want to deal with that and then have to stay on the ship until the end of this mission. Tilly sees his frustration and by trying to be helpful, she ends up injuring herself pretty badly. Tilly is trying to prove herself and although her research about the asteroid helps them save everyone in the end, she seems to be hallucinating someone. Now whether this hallucination of an old friend of hers popping up is a side effect of her injury this episode or indicative of a mental health issue is cause for concern. If Tilly has to get checked out at a psychiatric unit, it may lead Burnham to a reunion with her brother though.

Pike, Burnham, and Owosekun form an away party to investigate the mysterious signal coming from a planet with an unknown human population. They are a primitive society with a religion that combined multiple human religions. A few of the citizens preserve tales of the war. The people have such strong beliefs but one of them Jacob knows that Pike, Burnham, and Owosekun are not from the planet and clearly are a superior race. Burnham begs Pike to allow them to tell Jacob and the rest about the rest of the universe but Pike says they need to follow the rules about how they are not allowed to interfere with the natural progression of the people on the planet. It was heartbreaking to see Jacob believe (and be right) about them not being from there but the team just refusing to acknowledge it and his people think he is crazy.

Eventually, Pike does tell Jacob about the universe, well an abridged version, in exchange for a helmet camera that holds footage of the ancient war. I am glad that this happened because the idea of Jacob being right but doubting himself was a hard thing to watch. Burnham finally tells Pike about how she saw what can only be described as an angelic figure when she was hurt during the previous episode. This figure seems almost like a figment but when Pike reviews the footage of the ancient helmet, he sees a more clear version of the said angelic figure. This means that all that is occurring with these signals are interlinked and maybe Spock comes into play because even though he may think he is crazy, he may know more than he thinks.

Rating: 8.4/10