Besides the 100th episode, I did not think a single episode of The Flash, this season, hit with some of the intensity it was attempting but this episode brought a whole lot of tension to the surface that has been bubbling up in our minds as viewers for while.

Barry and the rest of Team Flash speed ahead into the idea of waking Cicada’s niece (Grace) up so that he can stop killing but to do that they would have to enter her mind and try to wake her up. This seemed like a simple enough idea and the execution of just trying to bring Cicada’s heart back, in the form of Grace, is such a Barry Allen thing to do.

Like everybody else, usually I am very uninterested in the goings on of Sherloque but ever since he started suspecting something was off with Nora, he has become one of the most interesting people on the show. Sherloque must have suggested that both Nora and Barry go into Grace’s mind with the thought that maybe Barry could get some insight into his own scheming daughter. I feel like Nora has an idea that maybe Sherloque suspects her of something but is either too preoccupied or naive to go further. Meanwhile, Sherloque now knowing that Nora is not working alone and that she used the Reverse Flash as a defense mechanism in the dream space, she clearly is connected to him.

Sherloque has tried to get others to be curious about Nora but he has lacked the proof and Nora seems like such an innocent person that it seems almost impossible that she would be up to something bad. Nora though knows that her parents would not agree with what she is doing and who she is working with so she has been lying. She reasons that she is doing it to protect her family but does not account for all the damage she has done already, in fact, for all she knows, all she is doing is sealing her father’s fate, maybe that is why everyone believes she is going to sacrifice herself to correct her time meddling. That being said I am tired of not knowing what is going on with her and The Flash does best when there is extreme dramatic irony (when the viewers no something monumental that most of the characters don’t) and that is what I am waiting for. Nora working with the Reverse Flash was not enough.

When Nora entered the mind of Grace, I was surprised at how abrasive she was. Grace was introduced to us as such a sweet girl that it seems so wrong that she could actually be the next Cicada or condoning his actions and even helping him. Then again we are not accounting for all she has lost due to metahumans and children at such a young age are susceptible to emotional triggers. I think both her and Dwyer are sharing emotions and the stronger he gets, the more he will lose his humanity and that is a scary thought. People do not believe that he will become immortal, they believe that Grace will take over but if Cicada does get strong enough maybe him and Grace, share more than just emotions and she could be feeding him strength. She could be feeding him strength for all of her life. It was definitely weird that him having a following was not brought up but maybe after Savitar, the show might think it’s played out but the Cult of Cicada may be an interesting sub-plotline for the shows future seasons.

It was amazing to see how Barry and Iris react to a young Nora. I am not going to lie, Candice acted her butt off there where she was both the mean mom and the understanding one. I think that it plays into how a lot of people who grew up in single-parent households end up resenting the parent that is there instead of appreciating them. Barry fangirling over how beloved he is in the future is amazing and I am always here for the scenes where Barry is encouraging Iris.

At the end of this episode, Barry comes to the realization that if they can’t stop Cicada using Grace then they should give him the cure and that leads me back to the point I made about maybe the use of the cure getting out of hand maybe being used on very bad criminal metahumans like Reverse Flash. That being said though, I could not help wondering whether Barry wanted to end Cicada because he is an unstoppable murder or because he does not want his Flash legacy tainted by the one that got away.

Rating: 7.7/10