This episode brought an end to the story of Khalil and opened a new chapter for Tobias.

Khalil is alive. Exciting, right? Khalil has no reason now to snitch on Tobias but decides to tell Jefferson hoping that he will use this information to kill Tobias. Jefferson says he can’t, Jefferson wants the judicial system to do the work but we all know and not just because of the sermon that the reverend was giving, overlaying the intro to the episode, that the judicial system always finds a way to get the criminal off. Tobias has done extremely violent and horrific things but has not been caught and now that Khalil is dead, there is no way he can testify against him. Khalil is dead but Jennifer was able to get her emotion for him out before it was all over so that’s good. Not.

Jefferson, Henderson, and Gambi use the information Khalil gave them to get to Tobias’ hideout. Now I was not sure if Henderson walking was a great idea as it gave away their hand about the knowing where he is but considering they were looking for the briefcase, which has dangerous information on it, I guess they saw it as a necessity. The briefcase was not there as we know that while the good guys were busy looking for Jennifer and Khalil, Tobias was working on the briefcase problem and with Todd solved it, even finding out about who is working on the pod kids. I don’t know what is next for Jefferson, Henderson, and Gambi but in my opinion, it would be better if Black Lightning and Thunder hit the streets, like they did in Season 1, to find out about Tobias’ plan.

Tobias really is getting his way these days. Tobias gets Cutter, who apparently used to be in a relationship with Tobias (why girl?), to kill the reverend. Everyone thinks he just had a heart attack but after some investiagtion, we find out that he was poisoned and now Tobias did this for fun as now with the help from Dr. Jace, he was able to break into what can only be the place storing the remaining pods. Tobias really is going to be a force to be reckoned with because he has everything he needs. Even though he was looking for Khalil too, outsourcing the job allowed him to keep focus, while the good guys are only playing catch up now. How does Tobias know Dr. Jace? Well, she was the one who gave him the anti-aging serum, of course, he isn’t her biggest fan because she had no idea if the serum would kill him or not. Sounds about right.

I am finding myself more and more intrigued by Jennifer’s abilities, she only seems to be using them in heightened emotional states but I am ready for her to get her groove with them. Anissa was a goody goody when she started, helping those who needed it but she has been using her abilities to steal from criminals and give back. Will Jennifer be like Black Lightning or Thunder? Or will she be the vengeful violent one? That being said she seems extremely powerful and I can’t wait for her to become Lightning.

Rating: 7.1/10