This episode was set out like a short gangster movie that focuses on the private investigator played by Jughead. I think the show got back to its roots this episode.

Veronica hires Jughead to find out about who shot at her father. Now, everyone has been going on about why she would care what happens to her father but at the end of the day she will always care about him she just wants him to be held accountable. Veronica is feeling the pressure from the rest of the gang families, now that they think her father and his business are weak. Veronica goes around to make sure that everyone knows that it is business as usual, using tricks and deception but decides that now that her father can’t stop her she should put an end to her father’s business. Hermione tries to convince Veronica to sell it but after considering it she destroys it all instead. Veronica does not consider the repercussions of this but at the same time she thinks that destroying her father’s inventory will put an end to his dealings, so maybe she is just trying to be proactive.

Betty seems way too comfortable talking to her father about her problems, I mean hello? The guy is a ruthless serial killer. Betty finds out that Penelope (who she creepily calls aunty) has been killing men, like a Black Widow, she wants to turn Penelope in but Penelope switches the tables on her reminding her about how she basically handed Chick over to The Black Hood (her father who has been talking to Penelope). Jughead and Betty stumble onto a brothel called The Maple Club and I even though I have no problem with the club itself, Penelope is such a creep that I get such tingles from her.

We find out that FP was made sheriff by Hermione in exchange for him shooting Hiram. FP wanted revenge for leading Jughead to a brutal assault and his been waiting for the opportunity. FP did not know that Hermione was going to frame him for Hiram’s murder because she was having an affair with the old sheriff Minetta and wanted Hiram dead, not just shot. Jughead and FP quickly come up with a plan by framing the dead Tall Boy as the shooter, everyone and Hiram believes it, putting Hermione’s plan for Minetta and her husband off. To tie up loose ends, she shoots him. That was not a surprise, I am guessing Hermione has learned a thing or two from her husband and is so ready to get out from under his thumb.

From getting into a scuffle with one of his father’s managers at a construction site to getting drunk at Veronica’s speakeasy, Archie, is off the rails. He has some issues to deal with and convincing himself (even though that was not what Josie was intending) into killing his demons, he almost shoots Hiram in the hospital but instead shoots at Minetta, who was going to shoot Hiram, instead. Archie and Hiram make their piece but I am not convinced that this will be the end of Archie struggling. That being said he will be singing back up for Josie now again so this could put him on the path to being around Veronica more. I liked them as a couple. I hope that they get back together.

Rating: 7.2/10