All is not what it seems this episode as the lines between enemies and allies become extremely blurry.

The GCPD, led by Gordon, is still seeking information about who shot down Haven when they get a little help from the military, led by an old friend of Gordon’s Eduardo Dorrance. They find out about how Nygma was the one to buy the last RPG and head straight for him where Nygma escapes but now, he is on the run because now everyone knows what he has known: He shot down Haven. Nygma is a smart guy, I am surprised he did not just hide as soon as he found because he had to know that eventually, people were going to come looking for him but then again he is not as smart as his alter ego.

Bruce is having trouble coming to terms with the person Selina has become after killing Jeremiah. Bruce really puts as much effort as he can to get Selina to realize that she does not have to be this immoral, partying person AGAIN being hypocritical considering he spent a while last season being exactly that person. Selina reminds Bruce that although they are friends, and sometimes more than that, Selina has always been in things for herself because she had to be. Bruce and Selina are not the same, and I think Bruce and us, forget about that just because they hang out and care about each other that even in the future both of them are usually on opposites of the law. I am always here for their relationship but I think I am done with Bruce trying to change Selina. Anyway, all of their squabblings might be moot because Jeremiah is alive and seems to have a plan including two older people, my guess: Bruce’s parents (or a clone of them) because Jeremiah is at his best when he is messing with Bruce.

Nygma rushes to figure out why he would kill all those people at Haven when he finds himself face-to-face with Penguin. As all roads seemed to lead to Penguin, it was crazy that Penguin said that Nygma must have been messed up by Hugo Strange. Hugo Strange is one of those weird characters in Gotham who always seems to be manipulated by other forces but is genuinely smarter than everyone else. Well, it turns out that Dorrance is the one controlling Nygma which sets off a cat and mouse game with him and Gordon. The only thing I wonder is how Gordon intends on surviving when the military has more support and weaponry than him and the rest of the GCPD.

Rating: 7.1/10