Klingon Instability:

As this episode saw the return of both Tyler and Emperor Georgiou I was more than excited to see the interactions. L’Rell is having a hard time keeping the loyalty of all the Klingon houses. Tyler is not so much of a help because of him looking like a human. Tyler gave up a lot to be the sort of bridge between Starfleet and the Klingons and it is very saddening to see that he is still struggling. I was shocked to find out that Tyler has not completely embraced his Klingon side (Voq) because it would be easier but I also understand him not being able to get over the human side of himself. L’Rell is trying to connect with Tyler but the reintroduction of their (Voq and L’Rell) baby does not help their situation.

It is no surprise that their baby is then used as a bargaining chip but it’s a huge surprise that Emperor Georgiou is tasked with being a spy of sorts, like a keeper of the peace, considering her original home’s rhetoric. Tyler and L’Rell give up their baby for L’Rell to gain loyalty through a lie and Tyler joins the spy missions conducted by Emperor Georgiou and her crew. Tyler will be a great addition to the team as he knows the Klingons and Starfleet extremely well.

Search for Spock:

Amanda, Burnham’s foster mother, arrives with the stolen medical records of Spock. Amanda is hoping that with the help of Burnham and Captain Pike she find out why no one will tell her about what is going with Spock. They eventually find out that Spock killed his doctors and escaped. Just like his family, I don’t think Spock killed anyone, that being said unless you are him, his actions are really shady. Spock does not seem to trust in anyone enough to tell them about what he is going through or to ask for help and Burnham blames herself after distancing herself from him as a child to protect him from Logic extremists. Amanda gets mad at Burnham but I think it is really not her fault, Burnham has always had trouble navigating her human and Vulcan sides.

Unwell Stilly:

Tilly’s hallucination is starting to get worse and worse. Tilly is having a hard time keeping track of reality and hallucination and it all comes to head when she unintentionally yells at Captain Pike (who I am sure would never take it to heart) when she was supposed to yell at her hallucination. Tilly finally asks for help from Burnham, who realizes that she might have a spore virus on her causing these hallucinations. So the fungi virus is removed from Tilly and to be honest, it looks like something with emotions and thoughts. They are able to contain the fungi but it looks large and mobile, and I think that since it didn’t want to leave Tilly I have a feeling that it is either going to try to attach to her or someone else.

Rating: 7.8/10

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