This episode deals with the aftermath of Khalil’s death and the significance of the pod kids with both Lynn and Tobias.

Jen is trying to help Khalil’s mother while also dealing with her inability to keep her powers in check when she gets emotional. While Jen is going through all of that her parents somehow think it is a good idea to send her back to school. Jen is welcomed back and for a moment, I thought that her being at school would actually be more therapeutic because, after all, she has been through over these couple of weeks from her running away with Khalil (and even before that) to now, she has not really had an opportunity to be around people her own age. Now, they could have gone the normal way and made her become more party-central but instead, she uses her emotion to stand up for the mural of Khalil at school. This gets her in trouble but Jen decides after all of this that it is time to put her powers to good use, get a suit and with her dad and Anissa go after Tobias.

When Anissa finds out that Khalil’s mother won’t be able to pay for his funeral, she goes out to do her whole Robin Hood bit and gets severely injured. Here is my thought about Anissa going out and stealing from bad guys, if she really thought that it was the right thing to do and that she was being good, then why would she not do it in her Thunder costume? If she is so certain, then she wouldn’t have a problem with Thunder being tied to being Robin Hood. That being said, it seems like Anissa may be dealing with things going sideways in her personal life as her girlfriend Grace seems to be exhibiting abilities (kind of like Cheetah just saying). The problem arises that since Jen has been the focus for a while, they have not had time to dig into Anissa’s personal life and more than that whether Grace is an innocent victim or another version of Khalil, either one is a super exciting possibility though.

Tobias comes to the realization that he is going to need Dr. Jace if he chooses to go forward with the pods and since the Markovians are now in town, looking for people to work on the metahumans, we may be getting an extreme turf war in the future.

Rating: 6.9/10