The Sherloque Trap

Nora finally realizes just how much Sherloque is suspicious of her and asks for Eobard’s help in distracting him. Eobard talks about how he doesn’t just use someone’s body without knowing their life so he knows how to distract Sherloque: using a woman. Now I can believe this because if Eobard knows so much about Wells it finally makes sense why he would keep choosing to have his face: because it would require a lot of research to get someone else’s face. That being said he should probably think about doing so considering having Wells’ face never works out. Nora is successful in distracting Sherloque with a new woman as Sherloque’s becomes adamant on finding Cicada once he realizes that Renee Adler (who is a version of all his wives from different Earths) would be in danger because she is a metahuman. I think Sherloque gave up too easy and I hope he doesn’t completely abandon looking into Nora.

Digging for Gold

Barry and Ralph go undercover as criminals to look for a device that can subdue Cicada while they let the metahuman cure take hold of him. Now I was surprised that Caitlin was all for giving Cicada the cure because she made Cisco promise to never give anyone the cure against their will so I guess I am surprised as to why they never did a scene of convincing her or her explaining why she agreed without hesitation. Barry and Ralph get into some trouble when Barry sparks suspicion when he tries to buy all the guns off a vendor at the underground market because they would be too dangerous to be out on the street. Barry and Ralph, to prove their villainous loyalty to Goldface, are roped into stealing a 3D printer that would be otherwise given to a hospital. Barry is obviously unhappy about having to do this and Ralph at first is willing to do it for him but then when Ralph realizes how much is at stake, decides to not go through with the heist. Barry and Ralph have to face off against Goldface and his team in like a laser tag and then science final scene. I think this plot was unnecessary but really just gave Ralph and Barry something to do, not unless they bring back the underground market or Goldface.

A Reporter’s story

Iris wants to make her mark as a reporter and asks for almost permission (which is extremely problematic) from Barry so she can go after Cicada. Now, Iris, an investigator is actually a good one and is able to bring more heart to the search for Dwyer but when finds out where he might live instead of having another member of the team watching her back, she goes in it alone and ends up face-to-face with Dwyer. Iris lies her way through fake questions but he sees through it when she grabs her bag and he realizes that she never had one when he first saw her. Iris is able to run from Dwyer and luckily hits him right in his more sensitive spot, giving the team a place where they can give him the cure directly into his bloodstream and now they know where he was living. I don’t know how I feel about Cicada being out there with no home or no ability to visit Grace because now he is just going to be focused on his mission but Iris doing what she does best is definitely something that always helps instead of hurting and I am happy that the show is finally depicting that.

Rating: 7.0/10