Kevin and Moose

Kevin is beyond happy about his dad marrying Sierra but when he asks Moose to be his date to the wedding Moose talks about his father and not being out yet. Kevin is more than unhappy about the situation he is so Cheryl suggests that maybe he needs to move on but Kevin reluctant so she takes matters into her own hands and almost outs Moose to the whole school. Kevin is not happy about Cheryl’s tactics but gets to a realization that Moose needs to tell his dad the truth about himself. I think the gay plotline where one is out and the other is not, is very played out and Riverdale can do so much better with the storylines especially exploring the possibility of Moose being bisexual cause he did love Midge, I think. Moose eventually comes out to his dad and is no sooner almost attempted to be scared straight by his father using the Gargoyle King. I think his father’s tale about what happened to him is extremely familiar as it happens all the time and almost happened to Cheryl by The Sisters. Kevin and Moose part ways as Moose has to move and hands up if you really saw this story ending any other way.

Cheryl and Toni

Cheryl has become extremely focused on getting into this prestigious university that all Blossom women have attended, ignoring the loneliness and sadness that Toni has over being kicked out of the Serpents. Cheryl then almost outs Moose which angers Toni because when she came out her family were not happy and the Serpents took her in and became her family. I thought this was going to be about them making amends with Jughead and getting back with the serpents because Toni pointed out something interesting about Cheryl: that she doesn’t focus on who she hurts as she goes for what she wants. Instead, Cheryl worms her way back into the university and tries to make a spot for Toni as well, she also creates a club so they can maybe start a new family.

Veronica and Reggie / Archie and Josie

Veronica and Reggie have to come up with the money to pay off the person who wanted to buy her father’s drug business because of them destroying all of the product. They come up with a plan, that can only come from a need to be Bonnie and Clyde, to rob Reggie’s father store and during said heist, Reggie gets shot in the arm and the money becomes useless because it had a dye pack. That being said they go meet their maker when meeting the buyer and come face-to-face with Gladys Jones for the first time and realize she’s the buyer. Gladys makes them swear they won’t tell Jughead and Gladys and JellyBean express joy over how much power they now have. They have FP who is the sheriff, the Mayor (Hermione) owes them and even Veronica and Reggie. I wonder if this was just a ploy for the town because I don’t think Hiram will be too happy about it, or more importantly Jughead.

The most unlikely pairing in Josie and Archie comes about. Now do not get me wrong, I love Josie finally having more screentime but I miss the badass that she was back in season 1. Josie first needs help with her audition for Julliard, which despite her own thoughts does not go well for her and she and Archie find comfort in their music and kiss. I am not here for this pairing, Archie just loves a damsel in distress and Josie has to be weakened for it to work? No thanks.

Rating: 6.8/10